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The Steward Team
Anthony Mills

Custodial Supervisor at 801 Toland, Chief Steward,  415-424-8649

Gesner Nazaire
Custodian at Cesar Chavez, Steward 

Jeanine Butler
Cafeteria Worker at Cleveland, Steward,  415-670-0055

SEIU 1021 Staff Field Representative
Kim-Shree Maufas, SF Union Hall 350 Rhode Island,  

415-818-5708 – kim-shree.maufas@seiu1021.org

Other Chapter Officers who can help:

Rafael Picazo
Director of Environmental Safety at 135 Van Ness, Interim President/Chapter VP,  650-520-6457

Lorraine Bowser
SEIU Executive Board Rep, Cafeteria Worker at Downtown HS,  415-370-6569

Arlene Sharp
Cafeteria Worker at Malcolm X, Chapter Secretary,  415-370-0498

Josh Davidson
Chef at SOTA, Steward & Activist ,  415-610-5709 (fax 415-418-6051)

Ken Tsui (广东话, 官话)
Custodian at Lowell,  415-308-5790

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