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The election committee put your chapter election ballots in the mail on Tuesday. Keep an eye out, and if you don’t get a ballot by the end of the week please call or email us so we can follow up.

If you’re not yet a member
Non-members are not usually eligible to vote in chapter elections. If you’re not yet a member, we’ve included a membership card in the envelope with your ballot. Just fill it out and return it along with your ballot to make sure your vote counts.

But I already filled out a card!
The local’s membership department has been processing thousands of cards this spring, and sometimes it takes them a while to get to your card. To be sure your vote counts, go ahead and fill out and include the membership card if you have one. We’ll make sure you get a notification as soon as your membership is processed.

My coworker didn’t get a ballot
Please have them call in so we can find out where their ballot went and get them a new one ASAP!

I don’t know who to vote for
We’ll be sending out candidate statements from both vice-presidential candidates on Thursday night. Keep an eye out for that info, and contact the candidates if you have questions!

Ballots must be postmarked by May 22.
The count will be at the union hall on May 26, and everyone is welcome!

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