Last night, steward Josh Davidson delivered these remarks to the school board. Stand with us as we fight for justice for these workers, who have been denied for decades. We are visiting worksites all month, and our next chapter meeting is April 16. Call us or Envíenos un correo electrónico to share your stories of working in student nutrition or another exempt position.

Our cafeteria workers come from a range of national and cultural backgrounds and reflect the diversity of our broader community. They provide front-line service to students every day, and prepare 30% of the meals eaten by SFUSD students even though you long ago eliminated the cooking classifications. They do this on a typical schedule of 3.5 horas al día, often as a split shift. Many of these workers have been serving our students for over a decade without benefits, sick days, or due process rights, some for more than 20 años.

Last August, we mutually signed off on a transparent, collaborative process to navigate civil service for these members. At our last meeting, after months of delay, it became clear that this process has fallen apart at the doors of City HR.

Under the new proposal, my friends in student nutrition would have to pass a lengthy written exam, possibly offered only in English, with no credit awarded for their years of service to our students. If we move forward with this process, dozens of veteran workers could be replaced by people from outside the district. They could be replaced by people who are good at taking a written test in English, but who lack the experience of our long-term staff and who don’t reflect the diversity of San Francisco.

These workers aren’t asking for an easier job, or the wages enjoyed by other exempt employees like lawyers and consultants. They’re asking for simple fairness – Por favor, stand with us and recognize their years of dedicated service to the children of San Francisco. Help these workers get the permanent status they deserve as they perform important, ongoing work for our district.

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