Votre 2013-2016 Contract has been finalized, and we’re signing it on Monday, Novembre 18. Here’s a brief look at what’s newwe’ll add detailed language for each of these provisions soon.

Nous avons un contrat!

Your bargaining team on the final night of bargaining the 2013-2016 Contrat. At left, Carmelo Sgarloto for the School District.

  • UNE 2% soulever pour tous les membres à partir Juillet 1 2013
  • UNE 0.5% soulever pour tous les membres à partir Janvier 1 2014
  • The District will increase its share of health insurance premiums
  • Four floating holidays even in years when Lunar New Year falls on a weekend.
  • 40¢ per hour longevity premium for workers with more than 15 années dans le district
  • $10/day Lead Worker Pay
  • An expanded uniform program
  • Grandchildren added to “immediate family” for bereavement leave
  • Expanded language on several important issues:
  1. Sécurité du lieu de travail
  2. Emergency preparedness training
  3. Discrimination and harassment
  4. Professional development
  • A new payment process for employees not enrolled in direct deposit
  • The District will make its best effort to provide 45 jours de préavis de mise à pied, et engage à fournir des avis de licenciement d'une manière courtoise et professionnelle
  • Employees laid off immediately before a holiday will be paid for the holiday

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