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The Freedom Foundation, an anti-union private organization, has demanded the release of information on SFUSD employees as part of a drive to defund unions. Your information may be released to them on August 25. They may publish this information as part of an anti-union campaign.

In similar campaigns that have run in other states, public employees have been subject to harassment at home and at work by paid organizers hired by these groups. These organizations have published public employee information as part of this coordinated harassment and intimidation.

If you have a safety need to have your information withheld or redacted from the release, you have until August 24 à complete the request and provide supporting documents to get your information protected.

Here are the valid reasons for protection from a release:You are currently an approved participant in the California Secretary of State’s Safe At Home Program.You have a current temporary or permanent restraining or protective order and the person named in the order is not currently aware of the name of your employer.You are an undercover peace officer required to conceal your identity during the course of your investigations.You are pending approval or have been granted political asylum.A government agency or court has determined that your personal safety would be at risk if your worksite information were disclosed to a member of the public.
If you feel that your safety would be at risk if disclosable information were released to a member of the public, please complete this form, include any available documents to support your claim, and send them to publicinfo@sfusd.edu or by U.S. Mail to:
Unified School District de San Francisco
Attn: California Public Records Act
555 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Your union is still fighting to protect all of our members from this information release, but if you have a need of special protection you mustsubmit your request for redaction by AUGUST 24, 2018.

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