Risky. Expensive. Secret.

These are not words any of us want to hear about our retirement. But the SFERS board is considering plans to put up to $3 Billion of our retirement into unregulated hedge funds. Join your SEIU brothers and sisters to learn more about your retirement security this Thursday, Pebrero 5 sa 5:30pm.

Screenshot 2015-01-31 11.14.21Learn about the impact of these changes on your retirement

Proposed investment in hedge funds will cost our Pension Plan $100 Million per year in fees alone. Please post the flyer and share it with your coworkers.

Discuss strategies to improve retirement security

Share ideas with fellow members and learn about strategies to provide secure long-term funding for our pensions.

Tell the Retirement Board what you think
Sign the SEIU petition for retirement security and learn about upcoming retirement board meetings where your voice can be heard.


RSVP to the Member Resource Center 877-OUR-1021

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