What is thisLiving WageClassified BWline on my check? Is it a one time thing?

Good news! Your raise has arrived, funded by the Prop G (Hunyo 2018) Parcel Tax. It’s included in a separate line-item on your check labeledLiving WageClassified BWbecause the amount is fixed at 3.875% of the July 1, 2018 salary schedule.

The parcel tax is in effect for 20 taon, so this line item will continue on your check for at least that long. Stay tuned in about 15 years because we’ll probably ask for your help to reauthorize this funding to support our schools in the future.

There will be a retroactive component covering earlier pay periods back to July 1, but it’s currently held up by the City Controller’s office. Taxes approved by voter initiative can be challenged in court for a period of time after they are passed, so the Controller is waiting for the end of thatvalidation periodbefore releasing the new revenue to the district. When those funds are released, you should see a lump sum on your check for the retroactive pay. We expect that will happen early in 2019.

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