“When will I get my raise?” is the question on everyone’s mind right now – and for good reason! It’s an expensive time of year, and we could all use a little help. The raise will appear on your March 4 check, along with the bonus and all retroactive pay. Each type of pay will have a separate line item:

  • Your regular pay for that period at the new rate (4% higher than before the raise)
  • 2% retroactive pay from July 1, 2014 through December 30, 2014
  • 4% retroactive pay from December 31, 2014 through February 17, 2015
  • A $200 bonus for all active employees in SEIU-represented classifications

Why March 4?

We ratified our raise on January 7, and then it went to the Budget & Finance department. They have to prepare a resolution for the board to vote on, and the board has to present that resolution at 2 public meetings.

We expect the board will vote to ratify on February 10. The raise will take effect the following pay period, beginning February 18. The check for that pay period arrives on March 4.

Do I have to be active in the union to get the bonus?

No. If you’re in a classification represented by SEIU and you’re an active employee of SFUSD, you will get the bonus. You should be an active union member because that’s how we get raises and bonuses in the first place!

I have more questions about this! Who can I ask?

Come to our February 18 membership meeting.

You can email help@seiu-sfusd.org or text or call Josh at 415-894-0279. I work in a kitchen so I can’t always answer my cell phone during the day, but I check my messages regularly and will get back to you.

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