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SEIU CBA July 1 2013 through June 30 2016

Salary Schedule (updated January 1, 2015)

What’s new?

• A 2% raise for all members starting July 1 2013
• A 0.5% raise for all members starting January 1 2014
• The District will increase its share of health insurance premiums
• Four floating holidays even in years when Lunar New Year falls on a weekend.
• 40¢ per hour longevity premium for workers with more than 15 years in the District
• $10/day Lead Worker Pay
• An expanded uniform program
• Grandchildren added to “immediate family” for bereavement leave
• Expanded language on several important issues:
Workplace safety
Emergency preparedness training Discrimination and harassment Professional development
• A new payment process for employees not enrolled in direct deposit
• The District will make its best effort to provide 45 days notice of layoffs, and commits to delivering layoff notices in a courteous and professional manner
• Employees laid off immediately before a holiday will be paid for the holiday