Frequent Questions

Updated August 3, 2015


How do I become permanent?

To become permanent, you need to

1apply for a permanent job

2pass and be reachable on the civil service eligible list for that job


What is a civil service exam?

It’s a special kind of test the city and school district gives to show you have the skills and experience to be a successful permanent employee in the job.


I’ve been working here for a long time, why do I have to take a civil service exam?

We wish you didn’t have to! But to become a permanent employee the city requires us to do everything by the book, and that means a full application-and-exam process.


Will the exam be available in my language?

The 2615 Worker exam will not be written, it is a hands on test. You will demonstrate your ability to do your job in front of an examiner. Understanding basic instructions in English will be necessary. The 2616 Lead exam will be written and in English only.

When can I apply?

You can apply in the Fall. Applications will be accepted for 2 days only. You will need to first create an account on the JobAps website at . Then, when the jobs are posted online, you will need to apply online. There are no paper applications. We’ll let you know exactly which days the jobs will be open to apply online.


Do I need Food Safety Certificate or a food handler card?

是啊. 為永久 2615 Worker, you need to have either a Food Handler Card or a Food Safety Management Certificate. If you need a food handler card, please contact Josh Davidson at 415-610-5709. If you need a Food Safety Management (“SERV-安全”) Certificate, please contact your area supervisor to schedule a class.

為永久 2616 Lead, you need to have a Food Safety Management certificate. If you need a Food Safety Management (“SERV-安全”) Certificate, please contact your area supervisor to schedule a class.


When will the civil service exam happen?

As soon as possible after the applications are processed. We expect mid-November. You will get an appointment through email.


Can I study for the test? Will any classes or training be offered for me to prepare for the test?

The 2615 is a hands on test that tests you for skills you are already doing on the job. On the job announcement there will be short description of what the test will cover.


What do I need in order to apply for the position?

  • Have your username and password ready
  • Remember that those applying to both the 2615 and the 2616 positions will have to apply to two different job announcements.
  • The 2616 exam will be a set of questions attached to the 2616 job application that you will answer at the time you apply for the 2616 position. You will be asked questions about your training and experience that only you know how to answer, so make sure you answer as accurately as possible.

What happens if I don’t pass the 2615 Worker test?

Employees who do not pass may be kept on as substitutes. There is also a possibility employees will be released if they do not pass. SFUSD and SEIU are working together to find out what options are available.

What happens if I don’t pass the 2616 Lead test?

All employees applying for the 2616 Lead position will answer exam questions when they apply for the 2616 Lead position. Then in November they will take the hands on 2615 Worker test. Employees who DO NOT pass the 2616 Lead written test but DO PASS the 2615 Worker test will be eligible to work as a 2615 Worker. Employees who DO NOT pass the 2615 exam can work as a substitute but cannot become either a permanent 2615 或 2616. To be eligible for the permanent 2615 Worker positions, you must submit an application for both jobs.

When can I take the test again if I fail?

Employees can retake the test after one year.




Fall 2015

We’ll tell you the exact date of the job posting. There will be computers and people to help you apply at 841 Ellis Street.

You must meet the minimum qualifications before you apply. That means you need a valid, current food handler’s card or food safety management certificate. Please contact SEIU at 877-OUR-1021 so we can help you get set up.

Times after this are our best guess, and could change based on what the City requires us to do.


In October/November

You’ll get an email with an appointment for testing.

In November

You will take the test and it will be scored.

In December

You’ll get your test scores.

In April

You’ll get a list of open positions for the 2016-2017 學年. Please choose your preferred positions and return the list.

In May or June

You will have your permanent assignment beginning in August 2016.