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These aren’t the district classifications, but this is an opportunity to get a permanent clerical job in the city. Also, if you work with your supervisor to create a 1402/4/6/8/10 permanent position in your department, they can “borrow” this list from the city if you are reachable.

These postings are accepting applications through next Friday, March 4, except for 1402 Junior Clerk and 1458 Legal Secretary I, which close this Friday. You can see the salary scale, minimum qualifications, and job descriptions on JobAps.

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We’ll be electing our bargaining team and discussing the transition to permanent status for 2615 and 2616 workers. We’ll also have updates on clerical civil service testing and PBTs for smaller classifications like 1930, 1802, and 2672.

350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 100 South. 5:30pm – 7pm. Wednesday January 20th.

Please RSVP to josh@seiu-sfusd.org so we can make sure to have enough food

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September 16 at 5:30pm – 350 Rhode Island Street, on the 22, 33, 55, and 19 bus lines. Street parking available.

We had a great kickoff to our campaign for due process rights for temporary workers last Tuesday at the School Board meeting! Thanks to those who attended to share their stories of long-term temporary employment and the unfair way almost 500 of our members have been treated.

This Wednesday‘s chapter meeting will focus on temporary workers and our fall organizing campaigns! We’re getting ready for the SNS test and next spring’s contract bargaining.

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You should join our mailing list! We send out about 1 email a week to our members and other interested folks to keep you informed about what’s going on with classified workers in SFUSD, to announce projects and events you might be interested in, and to share some helpful tips about your benefits and rights. You can take a look at previous emails to get a better idea if you’re still on the fence.

There’s no good excuse for being out of the loop! Sign up today. We’ll even fax the messages to you, or send them in the post, if that’s the best way for you to receive them. Just let us know.

You should also follow us on Facebook.
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The votes have been tallied, and the result has been certified for this  extremely close vice-presidential election. Rafael Picazo has been  elected vice-president of our chapter by a margin of 101 – 97 votes, with three invalid ballots and one ballot cast for no candidate. Several other races were uncontested. Your chapter officers are:

Josh Davidson – President
Rafael Picazo – Vice President
Marina Diaz-Flores – Secretary
Marina Diaz-Flores and Yuvonne Johnson-Miller, COPE coordinators

No candidates were nominated for the offices of Treasurer and Chief Steward. Per chapter bylaws, the elected officers will confer and appoint members to fill those positions until the next chapter election.

Your new chapter officers will be installed at the next general membership meeting, June 17 at 5:30pm at the union hall. Be there to learn about the upcoming SEIU Convention!

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350 Rhode Island Street – Suite 100 South – 5:30pm – 7:00pm

On the 19, 22, and 55 bus lines

Join us for our monthly chapter meeting on Wednesday, April 22.

Chapter Elections • Food Handler Training • 1426 job description project • State Senate District 7 • More!

RSVP to 877-OUR-1021 or text Josh at 415-894-0279.
In May: Food Handler Training on May 6, 14, and 19, 5-7pm. If you don’t have the card or the serve-safe certificate, you need one to apply to be permanent. Choose one date, and we’ll also get you set up with JobAps to make the application really easy.

See you there!

Chapter Meeting Wednesday March 18 at 5:30pm
350 Rhode Island St.
RSVP for dinner

The Fight for 15 will raise us all up, and I believe that we can win


I just got back from the SEIU Ignite conference, where I had a chance to spend time with fast food workers, airport workers, child care workers, and other folks who are struggling for a living wage just like us. Most of these folks don’t even have access to a union to help them bargain for a better deal.

Their stories are moving, and the Fight for 15 is winning higher wages around the country. San Francisco will have a $15 minimum wage in 2018, which makes it easier for SEIU to bargain higher wages for our members as well. But around our homes and communities, the fight for fair pay and respect needs our help. I will be in Berkeley on April 15 at 4pm to stand with thousands of my brothers and sisters to show our strength, and we need you to stand with us. Will you? Will you fight for respect for all workers? Will you help to raise up our families and communities? Say YES! Sign up at Wednesday’s chapter meeting or call 1-877-OUR-1021 and say you will join the fight.

Nominations Underway!

Chapter elections are this April, and nominations are now open. Submit them to the election committee or Christina Miyabe at the 1021 offices, or come to Wednesday’s chapter meeting. All members are encouraged to run for office! Learn more on our website.

Plan a party!

We’ve had a lot of challenges these last few years in SFUSD, but things are getting better because of the hard work and dedication of the classified staff who hold everything together. We keep the lights on and the district moving forward, and it’s time to celebrate! Sign up at the chapter meeting to help us plan a party this spring, and bring lots of ideas.

Nominations Begin at this Wednesday’s Chapter Meeting

We’re gearing up for chapter elections in April, and we want YOU to take part! Nominations from the floor will be open at our chapter meeting:

Wednesday, February 18
5:30pm – 7pm

350 Rhode Island Street
Suite 100 South

on the 19 and 22 bus lines


Plan a party!
We’ve had a lot of challenges these last few years in SFUSD, but things are getting better because of the hard work and dedication of the classified staff who hold everything together. We keep the lights on and the district moving forward, and it’s time to celebrate! Sign up at the chapter meeting to help us plan a party this spring, and bring lots of ideas.
We’ll also provide an updates on:
Civil Service Testing
Food handler and JobAps training
Retirement and Hedge Funds
Biometric time clocks
Union office hours at major buildings
Upcoming sick leave eligibility for as-needed workers
And anything else you want to know!
Reply to this message to RSVP, or call or text Josh at 415-894-0279

“When will I get my raise?” is the question on everyone’s mind right now – and for good reason! It’s an expensive time of year, and we could all use a little help. The raise will appear on your March 4 check, along with the bonus and all retroactive pay. Each type of pay will have a separate line item:

  • Your regular pay for that period at the new rate (4% higher than before the raise)
  • 2% retroactive pay from July 1, 2014 through December 30, 2014
  • 4% retroactive pay from December 31, 2014 through February 17, 2015
  • A $200 bonus for all active employees in SEIU-represented classifications

Why March 4?

We ratified our raise on January 7, and then it went to the Budget & Finance department. They have to prepare a resolution for the board to vote on, and the board has to present that resolution at 2 public meetings.

We expect the board will vote to ratify on February 10. The raise will take effect the following pay period, beginning February 18. The check for that pay period arrives on March 4.

Do I have to be active in the union to get the bonus?

No. If you’re in a classification represented by SEIU and you’re an active employee of SFUSD, you will get the bonus. You should be an active union member because that’s how we get raises and bonuses in the first place!

I have more questions about this! Who can I ask?

Come to our February 18 membership meeting.

You can email help@seiu-sfusd.org or text or call Josh at 415-894-0279. I work in a kitchen so I can’t always answer my cell phone during the day, but I check my messages regularly and will get back to you.

Contract Ratification VOTE – January 7, 8am to 5pm

Read the TA below, and be sure to vote next week! Your bargaining team recommends a YES vote.

After 7 months at the table, your union bargaining team reached a tentative agreement for raises in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years:

2% raise retroactive to July 1, 2014.

2% raise effective December 31, 2014.

1.5% raise effective July 1, 2015

1.5% raise effective December 30, 2015

A $200 bonus paid on ratification
An additional floating holiday for the 2015-2016 school year
Language providing health insurance for as-needed workers working an average of 20 hours per week or more starting January 1
The ratification vote will be held next Wednesday, January 7, at the following locations:

Everett Middle School – Room 5
834 Toland Street – by Fire Extinguisher shop
20 Cook Street
135 Van Ness
Feinstein Elementary – Foyer
Marina Middle School – Auditorium Lobby (Enter from Fillmore St)
SOTA / Academy of Arts and Sciences – Quad area
SEIU 1021 Union Hall at 350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 100 South