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from SEIU at SFUSD
Join us for the June 27 Chapter Meeting – https://ift.tt/2JOfzuy

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Summer is a great time to get involved and build power for workers! Join us for food, fellowship, and updates on important news that impacts your work. We’ll update you on civil service testing, the parcel tax, your July raise, and the community schools initiative. Bring items you would like to discuss, or contact your steward! Print and share the flyer with your coworkers

Wednesday, June 27 – 5:30-7pm

At the SEIU Union Hall

350 Rhode Island St, Suite 100 South

On the 10, 19, 22, and 55 bus

2 blocks from the 33, 9, and 9R


You must be an SEIU member to attend. If you are not currently a member you will be asked to sign a member card when you arrive.


RSVP online

or call the Member Resource Center

at 877-OUR-1021 (877-687-1021)


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Sign up for the SNS Civil Service Test

If you’re a temporary cafeteria worker or lead, now is your chance to become permanent! Sign up for the civil service test and let us know if you need help getting ready, getting your food handler card or manager certificate.

2615 Worker sign up
2616 Lead sign up

We also expect the 2672 Assistant Houseparent and 1930 Warehouse Worker test announcements very soon

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We met on Monday for our third negotiation session about the potential Prop G Parcel Tax. Our asks include additional salary for all members to help us reach city parity, a minimum 4-hour schedule for student nutrition workers, summertime paid training for clerks, expansion of environmental health and a training program for new staff, and community school support for the new transitional housing shelter at Buena Vista Horace Mann.

We anticipate winning on most of these issues. If one is particularly important to you, call the school board and let them know, or come to the June 12 meeting at 6pm!

Because of a potential November ballot measure that could overturn the parcel tax, it may be several months before this is fully resolved. We’ll keep you posted. If you want more information on our political work, please give us your personal email address.

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from SEIU at SFUSD
Clerks Test Classes – SNS Exam Signup – Negotiations Update – https://ift.tt/2sLXF0e

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Remarks by Chapter President Josh Davidson on Board Policy 3514.1: Hazardous Substances, adopted by SFUSD Board of Education tonight:

I’m encouraged to see the boarding considering this policy and hope that you will adopt it tonight. 

As you may know, SFUSD used to have 15 full time staff working on hazardous materials management, abatement, and safety training. We call these folks “Asbestos Worker IIs” because they were hired and trained in a simpler time when we didn’t know as much about the health impacts of pesticides, cleaning chemicals, materials used in science labs, and so forth.

Our expanding science program, aging facilities, and increasing safety standards have changed the work of these members over the last twenty years, and attrition from retirement has left us with three remaining staff. The remaining staff are also near retirement.

School safety presents unique challenges, which means that it’s hard to find folks that we can hire — especially on our salary scale. In our parcel tax conferences with your senior staff, one of the priorities we identified was building a training program to develop existing staff to take on this work, with a goal of reaching 6 positions by 2020 and building a pipeline for future staffing. 

I hope when you confer with your staff about this policy you will encourage them to allocate resources to build out this program.

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Catastrophic Sick Leave Donation – Help when you need it most – https://ift.tt/2wyFgJh

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SEIU School Board Candidate Interviews – Saturday May 12, 10am – https://ift.tt/2HUWqly

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It was an honor to celebrate with our retirees today, including SEIU bargaining team member Carol Wood.

Thank you to our dedicated civil servants, teachers, and principals who have devoted their careers to public education. We are all richer for your service. ✊🏼❤️

(Thanks to SFUSD Board Member Dr. Emily Murase for this photo of me looking cool and casual)

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from SEIU at SFUSD