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SEIU 1021 SFUSD Chapter is currently conducting an election for chapter leadership. You can use the form below to submit your nominations via email to patjchan@sbcglobal.net, by fax to 415-418-6051, or by hand to SEIU 1021 Office, 350 Rhode Island St #100S no later than November 9, 2021, at 5pm

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We, the employees of the San Francisco Unified School District, working as free and responsible individuals, recognize that the labor movement in general, and SEIU Local 1021, CtW in particular, can be instrumental in resolving the problems of our community; therefore we enter into union and agree to adopt these bylaws, consistent with the Constitution of Local 1021, as an instrument for concerted action and collective bargaining in the interest of the community we serve.


This Chapter will be known as the SFUSD Chapter of Local 1021. The jurisdiction of this Chapter shall be all employees in the bargaining unit(s) represented by the Union in the San Francisco Unified School District.  

Article 2.  AFFILIATION:  

This Chapter is part of SEIU Local 1021, CtW and shall be subject to the Constitution of that Union and all policies adopted pursuant thereto.

Article 3.  MEMBERSHIP: 

All persons, without regard to race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, ancestry, age, disability status, or political affiliation shall be eligible for membership.


(1)  The Chapter membership shall elect, every two (2) years, an Executive Board of the following officers:  


Vice President



Chief Steward

COPE Coordinator, 

The term of office shall be two years.

(2)  The Executive Board shall have power to act for the Chapter between General Membership meetings.  The Executive Board shall meet as often as deemed necessary by the Board. Three (3) members shall constitute an Executive Board quorum.

(3)  The General Membership is the highest authority within the Chapter structure.

(4)  The Chapter shall hold regularly scheduled General Membership meetings at least once each quarter.  5% of the General Membership shall constitute a quorum. Special membership meetings may be called by the Chapter Executive Board or by petition of 5% percent of the membership.  

(5)  The Chapter shall maintain a file of Chapter minutes and make available a copy thereof to the Secretary of the Local Union upon request.

(6)  The Chapter shall notify the Local 1021 Executive Board of any dissenting action taken on the minutes or action of the Executive Board of the Local Union.

(7)  The Chapter shall maintain financial records.  All funds, including income and expenditures, shall be recorded and proper financial records shall be maintained in accordance with procedures established by the Local Union.  These records shall be transmitted to the Executive Board of the Local Union upon request. All fiscal records shall be kept for a period of at least six (6) years or longer if required by applicable law. 

Two (2) signatures (of Chapter officers) shall be required to expend Chapter funds.  Chapter financial records shall be regularly audited by a Chapter officer or member of the Chapter Executive Board who is not a signer on the Chapter account.


(1) President:  The President shall officiate at all meetings and shall be responsible for directing the implementation of directives voted on by the Chapter membership.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall be one of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, after such expenditures have been approved by the Executive Board and/or General Membership. 

(2) Vice President:  The Vice President shall act as President in the absence of the President and shall be in charge of membership recruitment.  The Vice President shall be one of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, after such expenditures have been approved by the Executive Board and/or General Membership. 

(3) Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings and shall provide a copy thereof to the Secretary of the Local Union upon request.  The Secretary shall receive all correspondence and communications on behalf of the Chapter.

(4) Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for Chapter account deposits and disbursals and for carrying out the duties described in Article 4, Subsection (7). The Treasurer shall be one of three (3) officers authorized to withdraw funds from a Chapter account, after such expenditures have been approved by the Executive Board and/or General Membership.  The Treasurer shall present the Chapter financial records for audit at the direction of the Treasurer of the Local Union or his/her representative.

(5) Chief Steward:  The Chief Steward shall serve as a resource for shop stewards in carrying out their duties at the worksite and will coordinate the work of stewards in covering worksites, regions, and job classifications.

(6)  COPE Coordinator and County COPE Committee:   The COPE Coordinator shall be responsible for providing political information and education to the members of the chapter and assist and coordinate with turn-out, COPE cards, and other duties related to political activities of the chapter and Local Union. The coordinator will also be the chapter representative to the Local 1021 County COPE Committee.  Additional members may attend County COPE Committee meetings. Delegates and alternates to the County COPE Committee shall be appointed by the President after consultation with the Executive Board.

Article 6.  STEWARDS:  

Stewards may be determined by election, petition, or appointment to represent members under the collective bargaining agreement. Stewards selected through appointment or petition must be confirmed at the next scheduled chapter election. Stewards are the face of the union at the worksite and are critical to building a strong, engaged and active membership. Stewardsroles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ongoing training; welcome and orientation of new members; mobilize, educate, and inform members on union activities and other issues; resolve worksite issues; process grievances; provide timely and effective representation of the members.


A Web Site Steward shall be appointed to maintain and update the Chapter website. The Executive Board may appoint other members from the CAT Team or Executive Board to assist with this work.

Article 8.  INDUSTRY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES:  The chapter shall appoint representatives to attend meetings of Local 1021 industry councils.


Chapter delegates to the SEIU 1021 biennial convention shall be elected by secret ballot by Chapter members in good standing based on the following formula:  two (2) delegates for each chapter and two (2) additional delegates for every additional one hundred (100) members in each chapter.

Article 10.  CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS:  The General Membership shall elect a contract negotiations committee of 12 members.  Upon completion of negotiations, a copy of the collective bargaining agreement shall be forwarded to the SEIU 1021 Executive Board and provided to all members in the three languages most commonly read by the membership.

Article 11.  RECALL:  

Recall of officers may be originated by a petition signed by at least 20 percent of the membership. After the recall has been originated, the Chapter Executive Board shall appoint an Election Committee and conduct a secret ballot election of the General Membership within sixty (60) days of the presentation of the recall petition.  A majority of votes cast shall determine the recall.

Article 12.  VACANCIES:  

An elective office shall be declared vacant when the holder of the position resigns from office, resigns from the Union, is no longer a member in good standing, is on an extended leave of absence, or is recalled.  Vacancies that occur within one (1) year of the expiration of the term may be filled by appointment of the Chapter President after consultation with the Executive Board; otherwise, vacancies shall be filled by election of the General Membership. Offices for which no candidate has stood for election will be appointed by the President after certification of the election.


  1. Election Schedule:  Chapter elections shall be held biennially in odd-numbered years and must be completed by November of those years.  

  2. Election Committee:  The Executive Board shall appoint a minimum of three (3) members to an Election Committee.  Members of the committee may not be candidates for office in the election. The committee shall adopt all rules and regulations necessary to assure a fair and honest election and nominations procedure and shall provide each candidate with a copy of same.  The committee also hears challenges to the conduct of the election. The Election Committee shall submit a written report to the Chapter Executive Board and Local 1021 President within three working (3) days following the ballot count. The report shall include the election rules, procedures, schedule, candidate/issue vote totals, any challenges filed, and names and phone numbers of Election Committee members.  Election results shall be provided to the membership following the election.  

  3. Eligibility:  In order to run for and serve as a Chapter officer, candidates shall have been members in good standing for at least one (1) year and be employed within a bargaining unit represented by the Chapter.  If the chapter has been in existence for less than one (1) year, the candidate must have been a member in good standing since the Chapter was recognized by Local 1021. Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in chapter elections.

  4. Notice:  Notice of the election shall be given to each Chapter member in good standing at least thirty (30) days prior to the date set for the election by written notice and/or Chapter newsletter (notice must be at least 30 days in advance of the deadline for nominations).  The notice must include method of nomination, deadline for nominations, deadline for submission of candidatesstatements, method of election, date, time, and place of voting, procedures for obtaining duplicate ballots, and challenge procedures.  The election noticeand the election ballotmust include the number of convention delegates the Chapter is eligible to elect.  The notice and ballot must include the method for election of convention alternates (i.e., by election, by status as runner-up to delegate, etc.). All official election materials and communications must be reviewed by the Election Committee and the assigned field representative prior to publication.

  5. Nomination for Office:  Nominations for office will be made from the floor at a general membership meeting or submitted in writing to the Election Committee. Nominees must be present or submit written notice of acceptance of nomination within three (3) days of the deadline set for nominations.

  1. VotingChapter elections must be conducted by secret ballot.  Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. Proxy voting and write-in candidates are prohibited.  The Chapter must provide a method for members to obtain duplicate ballots. The Election Committee shall determine if voting is conducted by mail, at the worksites, at a General Membership meeting, or a combination of these methods. A plurality of valid ballots cast shall determine the elected candidates.  In the event of a tie vote, a run-off election shall be conducted.  

  2. Ballot count:  The Election Committee shall count ballots at a location, date, and time announced to the membership.

  3. Election MaterialsAll election ballots and duplicate ballotsmarked, unmarked, voided, unusedmust be saved for one (1) year (all ballots printed must be accounted for).

  4. ChallengesChallenges to or disputes arising from a Chapter election must be submitted to the Chapter Election Committee within three (3) working days of the submission of the committees election report to the Chapter Executive Board.  Challenges must be submitted in writing and must cite specific violation(s) of the Chapter election rules and procedures, Chapter bylaws, or the Local 1021 Constitution.  Challenges to the election will be considered valid only if they cite specific violations of election rules and procedures or the Local 1021 Constitution and if the alleged violation may have affected the outcome of the election. The Chapter Election Committee shall investigate and resolve challenges within ten (10) working days of receipt of the challenge.  The Election Committee may order a re-run of all or part of the election.

  1. Appeals:  Challenges or disputes which are denied or cannot be resolved by the Chapter Election Committee may be appealed in writing to the Local 1021 Executive Board within five (5) working days of receipt of the Chapter Election Committees decision.  The Local 1021 Executive Board shall investigate and respond within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the challenge.  Challenges to the election will be considered valid only if they cite specific violations of the Chapter election rules and procedures, Chapter bylaws, or the Local 1021 Constitution and if the alleged violation may have affected the outcome of the election. 


Ratification or rejection of a tentative agreement shall be referred to the General Membership at a membership meeting(s) called for that purpose or through a mail ballot.  The ratification vote shall be by written, secret ballot. Proxy voting shall not be allowed. At least three (3) daysnotice must be given prior to a contract ratification vote.

Article 15.  STRIKE:  

The Chapter may not initiate a strike without a majority concurrence vote of the total membership by secret ballot in compliance with the International Union Constitution.  The strike vote may be conducted at a membership meeting or through a mail ballot. Proxy voting shall not be allowed. At least three (3) dayswritten notice shall be given prior to a meeting at which a strike vote is in order.  If a strike vote is rendered, the Chapter shall obtain a sanction from the Local 1021 Executive Board.  The Chapter shall not strike without previous notification to the SEIU President or, where prior notice is not practicable, without notification as soon as possible after commencement of the strike, in which notice the Chapter states that it has complied with all applicable notice requirements. Strike sanction shall also be received from the local central labor council prior to a strike.  


Chapter meetings shall be governed by the Manual of Common Procedure, Rules of Debate, and Order of Business set forth in the Constitution of the International Union.  Every member shall follow and be subject to such rules governing debate at all meetings of the Chapter.

Article 17.  AMENDMENT:  

Amendments to these bylaws may be originated by a majority vote of the Executive Board or by petition signed by at least fifteen percent (15%) of the membership.  These bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the General Membership at a membership meeting or a mail ballot. Members must be notified at least thirty (30) days prior to the consideration of any amendment and provided with the proposed amendments and the original sections of the bylaws.  Amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted to the Local Union headquarters office (100 Oak St., Oakland, CA 94607) to be reviewed for conformity to the Local 1021 Constitution and to be kept on file.  No amendment shall be valid or become effective until approved by the Executive Board of the Local Union.  Amendments required to bring these bylaws into compliance with the Constitution or bylaws of the Local Union or the International Union may be made by vote of the Chapter Executive Board without submission to the General Membership.

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Do you need catastrophic sick leave donation? If you have been away from work at least 30 days, or expect to be based on your illness or the illness of a family member in your care, you may be eligible for donation.

Currently member Jose L Gonzalez from Wallenberg HS is offering to donate time.

Please contact Gesner Nazaire at nazairegesner@yahoo.com or 415-374-3584 for the form and rules.

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What’s in Your Contract? Insurance and EAP

Article 5.5 covers a few insurance-related benefits, mostly for permanent civil service employees. Civil service employees working at least 20 hours per week have long-term disability coverage that activates after 180 calendar days out of work and will replace up to 50% of your lost income, up to $1000 per month.

SFUSD also provides active employees with a term life insurance policy for the duration of your employment; this policy also covers dismemberment and other serious injuries that prevent you from working. Supplemental coverage for the employee and dependents is available if you are interested – the plan document has all the details. details the District’s responsibility for the family of an employee who passes away. Unfortunately, changes in City statutes around employee health coverage limit our ability to extend coverage for families of employees hired after January 8, 2009. The District will proactively reach out to family members to make them aware of all available benefits to help them during their time of need.

5.5.3 reflects, compliant with Ed Code, that Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break are not breaks in continuous service for employees.

5.5.4 covers workers compensation and modified/light duty. More detail on this is contained in the Return to Work Policy.

5.5.5 provides that the District will continue paying the employer portion of all benefits while you are on a job-protected leave such as CFRA, FMLA, or using your sick leave (including donated leave):

When protected and paid leaves expire, and 12 additional weeks have passed, the District will cease paying these employer contributions.

CBA 5.5.5

5.5.6 allows for “blending” of disability payments and sick leave to retain 100% of your salary while you are on state disability leave.

The Employee Assistance Program in CBA 5.6 can provide a variety of confidential advice and assistance on financial, mental health, and addiction issues. EAP will also provide grief counselors to worksites in the event of the death of a coworker or other similar situation.

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From time to time, everyone has challenges at work. It’s important to know that your coworkers will stand up for you and help you solve problems to make work better for everyone. Your union leadership can provide guidance and representation, but we need everyone to pitch in!

1. Know Your Rights

Your rights as an SEIU Member and SFUSD employee are contained in your contract and various legislation. A great way to get a primer on your rights is to attend a steward training. If you have questions about your rights, ask a steward at help@seiu-sfusd.org.

2. Your Membership Matters

It’s important that as many people as possible are members of our union, so we have the strength to stand up together at work. With a strong and active membership base, we have the influence and tools to hold managers accountable and protect the workers we represent. Every person counts. You can become a member or update your membership here.


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What’s In Your Contract?

Article 5 is where wages and benefits live in our contract, except for leaves (in articles 12 and 13).5.0 details the negotiated raises for the current term of the contract: 5% on July 1, 2017; 4% on July 1, 2018; 3% on July 1, 2019. Together with the parcel tax salary adjustment (more on that at our chapter meeting next week), our members will see a 15.875% increase over the three years of the contract – over 16% when you consider compound interest!

5.0.1 details the lump sum payment our members received on ratification of the contract in 2017. We negotiated a fixed-dollar lump sum payment because it provides extra benefit to our lowest-paid members, where percentage salary adjustments benefit our highest-paid members the most. It’s important that we make sure everyone gets a fair shake at affording life in the Bay Area.

5.02 details some salary adjustments for classes that have no incumbents, or did not for many years – these classes had fallen behind everyone else’s schedule, so when we hired a new shade and drapery worker the starting pay was only $17/hr.

COMMITTEE ALERT! There’s a committee in that will start meeting soon to work on wages and hours for SNS workers. If you’re interesting in being involved, please contact Jesse Tangk so we can include you. We want lots of member representation on this committee.

5.1 Longevity Premium
To thank our most experienced members for sticking around, we have longevity premiums for members that have worked at least 10 or 15 years. At 10 years, it’s a 30 cent per hour premium, and at 15 years it’s 60 cents (up from a previous 40 cent premium). That works out to $24 or $48 per paycheck if you work full time.

New in this contract cycle, you don’t have to work a minimum schedule to qualify and previous city service counts for the 15 year level (it used to only count for the 10 year level).

Check your pay stub! If you have worked at least 10 years and are not currently receiving longevity pay, please let us know right away. The computer doesn’t always automatically set it up, so we need you to keep an eye out and report if you have a problem.

Next week we’ll look at 5.2 retirement, 5.3 health, and 5.4 dental (we get a lot of questions about these, so send me your questions and I’ll cover them in the explainer!)

“Upon ratification… the District and Union shall cause this contract to be translated into Spanish and Chinese.”It’s important that all of our members can read and use their contract. Because so many of our members speak and read languages other than English at home, the union and the district should provide translated versions of the contract for easier understanding. As a union, we have also discussed adding a tagalog translation to the contract.

Unfortunately, because of the cost, we have not distributed a properly translated contract since 2013. This is where we need your help: I know we have many bilingual members who can assist with translation, and we can pay for your time to do so. If you are able to help and work some extra hours, please contact Jesse Tangk, Tracy Brown, or Ken Tsui.

Article 4.2 specifies that when we file grievances or lawsuits, we do so with the English-language version of the contract.

Articles 4.3 and 4.4 cover distribution of the contract. The contract is to be posted online (see draft here) and hand delivered or sent through school mail to all members. A copy of the contract is also provided to all principals, site administrators, and new hires.

We are currently waiting to resolve a couple of changes in Articles 8 and 9 based on new state laws, and the final calculation of the Prop G salary supplement, before we send the current contract to the printers.

Next week we’ll start in on Article 5 – Compensation and Benefits. It’s the biggest article of the contract, so I’ll deal with it in pieces.

“No employee shall be discriminated against because of… non‐merit/non‐job related factors.”That’s the basis of the nondiscrimination language, which is supported by Board Policy 4030. Several specific categories of prohibited discrimination are listed, and protection from sexual harassment is specifically called out.

If you believe you are being mistreated on the basis of non-job-related factors, including protected category discrimination, you may report to:

  • the employee’s immediate supervisor;
  • the District’s Human Resources Department (Executive Director of Talent Management or Chief Administrative Officer);
  • the District’s Labor Relations Department (Senior Labor Relations Representative or Chief of Labor Relations);or
  • the District’s Office of Equity (Director).

In general, these reports take the form of a Uniform Complaint. A uniform complaint triggers an investigation, and the District is bound to provide a report of findings and action within 20 business days.

If the complaint is specifically about discrimination in hiring or firing, it should be instead reported to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the City’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

You are protected by contract, policy, and law from retaliation for filing a complaint of discrimination, and the union and the District are bound to strict confidence in handling the complaint, which means no unnecessary sharing of information in the course of investigation. However, you should be aware that the investigation will include interviews with those against whom you make allegations.

If you have a fear of retaliation or an employment-related discrimination concern, please contact a steward for assistance so we can ensure all of your rights are protected.

If you have been assaulted or threatened, you have additional protections and options under contract Article 24.

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It’s important for all of us to keep in touch, so we can stick together and help out in one another’s work. To help with that, we’ve identified some worksite leaders that have shown a willingness to stand up for their coworkers.

We want you to stand up too! Here’s what we’re asking for:

  1. Make sure everyone at your worksite has the latest union news! Print out the newsletter and put it on our bulletin board; talk to your coworkers to see if they’re getting the emails.
  2. Call a steward if anyone needs help! Stewards usually know just who to call to fix a problem, and we’re great at making sure small issues don’t get big unnecessarily.
  3. Keep stewards informed of what’s important at your site! When we meet with the District, we need to know what’s most important to members so we can work together to make a safe, healthy environment for our kids.
  4. Join our monthly leaders call! Every second Wednesday at 4pm, we’ll have a short check-in call so we can all be on the same page. 

Stand with your fellow members to make better schools. Together we win.

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Pretty soon, you will start hearing from the Freedom Foundation and other political groups that want to destroy unions. They’ll pretend to be friendly, just suggesting a way to “give yourself a raise” by canceling your union membership.
Don’t buy the hype – the only reason we are able to have power to win raises and better working conditions is because of your membership.

When we stand together, we win
What have you done for us lately, though? I can hear the question as I write this.
Simple: SEIU at SFUSD has won raises every year since 2013. Our bargaining team has made huge gains in work rules to make sure we’re treated fairly and respected at work. We have fired harassing bosses, expanded important programs, and saved the jobs of workers who were unfairly targeted.

Tell the Union Busters to Find Another Line of Work
We don’t need people harassing our members at work and at home to try to break up the union. We need to tell those union busters to take a hike so we can get back to work building great public schools for the children of San Francisco. If you get a call or a visit from the union busters, tell them to get a real job and to leave you alone!

San Francisco is a union town!