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Now that everyone is back to school, it’s time for the annual reminder that you should never give up your lunch or break. Taking time to rest and care for yourself is an important part of staying healthy.

For every four hours you work, you are entitled to a 15 minute paid rest break. Interruptions cost the employer 15 minutes, so if your rest break is interrupted by a supervisor directing you to perform work the timer starts over.

For shifts 6 hours or longer, you are entitled to a 30 minute or 1 hour duty-free lunch. Unless your supervisor presents an actual business need for your lunch to be a specific length, it is up to your discretion to schedule it.

Interruptions to lunch that cause you to perform work cost the employer no less than 15 minutes.

You may not schedule your lunch at the very beginning or end of your shift, causing you to arrive late or leave early. You may leave campus during your unpaid, duty-free lunch period: the employer is not allowed to control your location during lunch. If the employer controls your location for any reason, you are not at lunch and must be paid for your time.


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Also: 2708 Custodian1444 Secretary I1446 Secretary II

We are excited to inform you that the exam announcement for the 2672 Children’s Center Assistant Houseparent is posted at: https://www.jobapscloud.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=CBT&R2=2672&R3=902833. Please note that the announcement is set to close on August 24, 2018.  If you want to take the examinations, you must submit your application prior to the announcement closing date.  

Information regarding the examinations will also be posted on OASIS. You must apply as indicated on the Examination Announcement. This video will help guide you through the steps.

We strongly encourage you to take the examination. Below are helpful FAQs. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

SFUSD-HR:  Swen Ervin – ervins1@sfusd.edu

SEIU 1021: Jesse Tangk – Jesse.Tangk@seiu1021.org

Thank you and best of luck with the exams!

Common Questions about the Exam Process

If I am a substitute Assistant Houseparent, do I need to take the exam?

We encourage everyone to take the exam because it gives you the option of becoming permanent if you wish to become a regularly scheduled employee in the near future and a vacancy should arise. If you wish to remain a substitute for the foreseeable future, it is suggested that you take the test, but not required.

Why can’t we be grandfathered in?

San Francisco Civil Service requires that you take a validated exam based on the duties of the classification to become a permanent civil service employee. The goal of the merit system is to make sure all public employees are qualified to do the important work of government. There is no faster or simpler process for getting a permanent position.

What if I am unable to attend the exam date?

If you have an unavoidable circumstance that will physically prevent you from being able to take the exam, please contact City DHR after you have been given an exam appointment. They will let you know your available options. You may or may not be granted an accommodation at City DHR’s discretion, so we strongly encourage you to keep the last two weeks of June open until you receive your exam appointment.

What will be on the exam?

Broadly speaking, civil service exams are designed to test that you have the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary for your first day on the job. If you have been performing the job already for some time, the exam will be testing you on things you already do day-to-day.

When will I know if I passed?

After the exam, DHR will score all of the exams and create the list. You will be notified whether or not you passed the exam and, if you passed, you will also be told what your rank is on the list via an email from DHR.

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1424/1426 Clerks exam prep classes – June 18, 19, 20 at the Union Hall.
Please RSVP so we can order food!
Same material each night, so choose the one that works best for you

5:30pm, 350 Rhode Island St – Suite 100 South
on the 19, 22, 55 bus lines and near the 33 and 9

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While you’re waiting to get your appointment for the 1424/1426 exam, you should stop by the library and check out a study guide!

Here’s a list of what’s available by branch.

Stay tuned for news about prep classes very soon

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Stop by this afternoon or Monday afternoon from 4-6 for help submitting an application for 1424 or 1426 civil service exams! We’ll be announcing dates and times for prep classes soon.

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Clerical (1424/26) Testing Scheduled by City!

The City of San Francisco has taken over the 1424/1426 Testing process, and has scheduled the test for first quarter of 2018. Contact Darin Conley in HR if you would like to be a Subject Matter Expert for the test development.

1930 Warehouse Worker PBT in development

The District is now developing a position based test to open permanent jobs for our warehouse workers.

Other PBTs Coming Up

We are actively working with the District to develop tests for Radio Announcer Operators, Transportation Schedulers, Assistant Houseparents, and other often-overlooked small classifications. We are also working on bringing back Shade and Drapery Worker positions. Stay tuned for updates, or contact Josh with offers of help and questions.

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These aren’t the district classifications, but this is an opportunity to get a permanent clerical job in the city. Also, if you work with your supervisor to create a 1402/4/6/8/10 permanent position in your department, they can “borrow” this list from the city if you are reachable.

These postings are accepting applications through next Friday, March 4, except for 1402 Junior Clerk and 1458 Legal Secretary I, which close this Friday. You can see the salary scale, minimum qualifications, and job descriptions on JobAps.

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It’s finally time!

If you are interested in a permanent job in the Student Nutrition department, the jobs will post to the city’s online application system JobAps on October 7 and 8.

Get Ready
You can complete or update the Master Application now to make sure applying for the jobs will be as easy as possible. If it tells you your “registration already exists” and you need your password, call 415-557-4800 and ask for help.

What are the Minimum Qualifications?
To be a permanent 2615 worker, you must have a food handler card and 6 months working in a kitchen, along with a high school diploma or equivalent. To be a 2616 lead, you must have a food safety manager’s certificate (“Serv-Safe”). If you need help getting qualified, call Josh at 415-610-5709 or talk to your area supervisor.

Help is Available
To make sure your application goes smoothly, help will be available at 135 Van Ness in the first floor classrooms from 8am – 6pm both days.

When you’re done
Please call Mary Sanders at 510-219-8908 so we can mark you on the list.

What happens next?
If you meet the minimum qualifications, you’ll get an appointment for a test the week before or after Thanksgiving. If everything goes smoothly, the scoring, protest, and list certification will be done by mid-January; there are a few possible delays, but we’ll keep you posted. Get the “What’s Next” flyer to share with your coworkers.

It’s been a long road to get permanent status for our Student Nutrition members, but we’re finally making real progress. On April 26, the School Board and Superintendent agreed to take our appeal to the Civil Service Commission. Following that appeal we reached agreement on a task-based test with no written component, and bonus points for years already worked.

Since then we have been meeting with HR and the SNS department to speed up development of the test as much as possible, and to ensure that it’s a test our members will pass. There will be classes in January and February to help you get ready, so stay tuned and come to our December 17 membership meeting for more information.