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We may be able to divest SF’s retirement fund from fossil fuels (which are increasingly volatile and subject to being orphaned assets that are stuck in the ground) but we need everyone possible to step up and be heard! The vote is going to be close either way, but this fight is winnable.

SF workers and residents, please send your message today and come to the meeting if you can!

Agosto 9, 2:30PM
1145 Market Street, 6th Floor

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There’s lots of important info in your contract to help you be happy and productive at work. Read all about it

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We had our final bargaining session of the 2016-2017 fiscal year on June 22. We expect to be back at the table in August to continue to fight for you! Our top remaining issues are around pay parity, safety, quality of life, and environmental responsibility. Contact Arlene Sharp to get involved!

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SEIU represents over 10,000 school workers in Northern California, and we love to get together to learn from each other and build solidarity. Stay tuned for news on the Education Industry Summit this fall.

Today we’re talking about having fun together! As in the past 2 years we will be attending the A’s game against the Orioles on August 13TH. It’s always a great time.

This event is open to all Education employees and their families so please share this with the members of your chapters. This year the price is $32.00 which includes an awesome lunch, food voucher and a A’s ball cap.

To order ticketscontact Jan Schardt, Locales 1021 Secretaria, 707-225-4146 o jan.schardt@seiu1021.org

Please share this flyer with any coworkers who don’t check their email and encourage them to come with us!

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Estamos unidos en la protección de nuestros niños más vulnerables y la prestación de apoyo y el acceso a la educación pública de calidad. ¿No le gustaría estar con nosotros?


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Outside of bargaining, we’re working with the District, the Families Union, UESF, Close the Gap, and Jobs with Justice on a community hiring plan that will improve outreach to underserved communities. SEIU is taking a leading role in developing this plan, and we really want broad member participation in putting together this plan and the materials and outreach around it. Por favor, get in touch with Josh if you’re interested!

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Nos ayudan a obtener información sobre lo que nuestros miembros gastan en vivienda, salud, y los desplazamientos por lo que podemos hacer mejores propuestas económicas en la mesa de negociación.

Participar en la encuesta »

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BANCO DE TELÉFONO el miércoles, Marzo 22

Join us on Wednesday nights from 5-8pm at the union hall, 350 Rhode Island Street, to reach out to citizens in California, Arizona, Alaska, and Nevada and ask them to take steps to protect our health care.

Ver el folleto »

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As of March 8, the Education integration Specialists have joined our union! These members provide crucial family and community support at schools throughout our district. As part of this unit election, new member and steward Tracy Brown will be joining our bargaining team.

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Special Ed at Santiago – Marzo 24, 12 Mediodía

Custodial TrainingsThurgood Marshall – Marzo 27 y 28, all day
SNS Training – 655 DeHaro – Marzo 27, all day
135 Van Ness – Marzo 29, 12 Mediodía
555 Franklin – Marzo 30, 12 Mediodía (tentative)
25th Avenue – Marzo 31, Mediodía (tentative)
Transportation/Warehouse – Abril 3, Mediodía (tentative)

Stay tuned for info on the April Chapter Meeting