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Also: 2708 Custodian1444 Secretary I1446 Secretary II

We are excited to inform you that the exam announcement for the 2672 Children’s Center Assistant Houseparent is posted at: https://www.jobapscloud.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=CBT&R2=2672&R3=902833. Please note that the announcement is set to close on August 24, 2018.  If you want to take the examinations, you must submit your application prior to the announcement closing date.  

Information regarding the examinations will also be posted on OASIS. You must apply as indicated on the Examination Announcement. This video will help guide you through the steps.

We strongly encourage you to take the examination. Below are helpful FAQs. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

SFUSD-HR:  Swen Ervin – ervins1@sfusd.edu

SEIU 1021: Jesse Tangk – Jesse.Tangk@seiu1021.org

Thank you and best of luck with the exams!

Common Questions about the Exam Process

If I am a substitute Assistant Houseparent, do I need to take the exam?

We encourage everyone to take the exam because it gives you the option of becoming permanent if you wish to become a regularly scheduled employee in the near future and a vacancy should arise. If you wish to remain a substitute for the foreseeable future, it is suggested that you take the test, but not required.

Why can’t we be grandfathered in?

San Francisco Civil Service requires that you take a validated exam based on the duties of the classification to become a permanent civil service employee. The goal of the merit system is to make sure all public employees are qualified to do the important work of government. There is no faster or simpler process for getting a permanent position.

What if I am unable to attend the exam date?

If you have an unavoidable circumstance that will physically prevent you from being able to take the exam, please contact City DHR after you have been given an exam appointment. They will let you know your available options. You may or may not be granted an accommodation at City DHR’s discretion, so we strongly encourage you to keep the last two weeks of June open until you receive your exam appointment.

What will be on the exam?

Broadly speaking, civil service exams are designed to test that you have the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary for your first day on the job. If you have been performing the job already for some time, the exam will be testing you on things you already do day-to-day.

When will I know if I passed?

After the exam, DHR will score all of the exams and create the list. You will be notified whether or not you passed the exam and, if you passed, you will also be told what your rank is on the list via an email from DHR.

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In the 2016-2017 Contract, SEIU added language to support donation of sick leave to your coworkers. Unlike some other units, we don’t have a limited “open enrollment” period or a “bank” to manage, instead we collect donations for each individual who needs leave.

How to Donate
First, let us know you have leave available that you’re willing to donate.

If you already know whom you want to donate to, you can download the donation form here and turn it in to any steward.

Otherwise, we’ll keep you informed when members need donations, and ask you to fill out a donation form for each member in need.

One of our stewards will collect the forms for each member in need and deliver them to Labor Relations.

Donations will be used in a cycle, 2 hours at a time. Any unused leave will be returned after the member’s needs have been met.

How to Request a Donation
Just let any steward know you need help. Gesner Nazaire at Cesar Chavez is your steward in charge of catastrophic leave.

You must meet the eligibility requirements:

  1. Unable to work because of your (or an immediate family member’s) illness or injury for at least 30 days
  2. All of your sick leave will be used up
  3. You have documentation of your medical need*
  4. You are eligible for accrued sick leave
  • We respect your privacy: you do not need to tell us, or HR, the specific nature of your medical condition. We only need “a statement signed by a doctor, dentist, podiatrist, licensed clinical psychologist or Christian Science practitioner with information sufficient to certify your illness”

Read all the details in your contract

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We have a contract! By a vote of 557-7, 98% of our members ratified the tentative agreement.

Thank you to our awesome volunteers for reaching 51% of the chapter to vote yesterday. Next time, with your help, we can get to 100% of our members.

Thank you also to the team who spent hours last night talking and validating the vote!

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Josh is making tacos, Mina is making cupcakes

We’ll be counting votes and announcing the results!

We’re not stopping just because the contract is closed! Get involved in what’s next – community schools, orientations, uniforms, evaluations, family friendly workplace, clerical testing, emergency planning, parental leave, student assignment preference, salary schedule adjustments, and more!
350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 100 South
at Kansas and 16th Avenue
on the 22, 55, 19, 10, and 9 bus lines

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We’ll have a draft up this weekend to view on this site

The quick highlights are:

1. Better protections against harassment at work
2. Guarantee of a test for permanent jobs in every SEIU represented class
3. A raise each year of the contract: 5% retro to 7/1/17, 4% on 7/1/18, and 3% on 7/1/19 (with the option to reopen in the third year if new revenue is available)
4. A $500 lump sum payment on ratification
5. Committees to update pay scales in student nutrition and environmental health
6. Release time for parents who need to go to IEP conferences
7. Improvements in bereavement leave
8. Protection for health benefits gained through the ACA
9. Shorter probationary periods for long-term temps
10. Required 15 work day notice of schedule changes

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You can help by organizing voters where you work!

We want every member to learn about the new contract and cast their vote on Wednesday, October 25. To make sure everyone has a chance to vote, we’re hoping you can help us by hosting a vote at your worksite. It’s easy!
1. You’ll let all the SEIU members at your school or site know to come see you to cast their ballot and get info about the contract
2. We’ll drop off the materials on Monday or Tuesday and give you an intro about how to securely collect the votes
3. You’ll keep the box with you or locked up on the day and make sure everyone votes
4. You’ll bring the box to our chapter meeting before 6pm and get a delicious cupcake!

(If members have questions about the contract that you aren’t sure about, or they need help in another language, we’ll give you a call sheet to refer them to the right person.)


Yes, I can host the vote at my worksite!

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At 7:48pm tonight, your bargaining team signed a tentative agreement that provides important guarantees around school & workplace safety, permanent jobs, and fair wages.

With this contract, we will take significant steps towards parity with our brothers and sisters at the city – 12% over 3 years (5-4-3) plus a $500 one-time payment to support the short term needs of our workers.

Thank you to our members who stood united in support of a fair deal.

Now San Francisco Unified School District – it’s time to settle a fair contract for IFPTE Local 21LiUNA!, Local 261United Educators of San Francisco, and the common crafts!

Stay tuned for more details on the contract – we will have a ratification vote in October!

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There’s lots of important info in your contract to help you be happy and productive at work. Read all about it

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We had our final bargaining session of the 2016-2017 fiscal year on June 22. We expect to be back at the table in August to continue to fight for you! Our top remaining issues are around pay parity, safety, quality of life, and environmental responsibility. Contact Arlene Sharp to get involved!

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We are unified in protecting our most vulnerable children and providing support and access to high quality public education. Won’t you stand with us?