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Special Before and After Hours Voting
Polls are already open at the SOTA cafeteria this morning as of 6am, so come by early if you can, or vote until 5pm at the union hall.

Chapter Meeting and Phone Banking October 5, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Join us at the union hall on October 5 for our next chapter meeting. We’ll be talking about strategy for next year’s bargaining, how to add folks to the bargaining team, and reaching out to our members about the important education issues on the ballot this year.

See you at the polls!

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Check out the new searchable DRAFT contract online (some small revisions still to come)

Check out our DRAFT contract
We’ve settled a one-year deal with the District, and we’re headed to vote on Monday! Check out our website for details if you didn’t get last week’s email, and be sure to forward this to anyone you know who isn’t signed up.

Where do I vote?

There are 7 voting sites around town:
We’re starting at 8am with two sites:
834 Toland Street (Buildings and Grounds)
350 Rhode Island Street (the union hall)

At 9am, we’re adding 5 more sites:
555 Franklin Street
135 Van Ness
20 Cook Street
Burton High School
SOTA High School

What are we voting about?

There are two issues on the ballot:
1. Should we ratify the new contract?
2. Should we extend the terms of the officers and bargaining team until the new contract is finalized?

About extending the terms: We are due for an officers’ election at the end of this school year, which will fall right in the middle of bargaining. Your team, after a lot of discussion, thinks that it would be best to put off that election until we’ve wrapped up the contract so we can all focus on it properly.

I want to be on the 2017 Bargaining Team

We will be electing new bargaining team members and alternates at an upcoming chapter meeting, since we have a couple of vacant seats. If you’re interested in working on the new contract, or on getting information out to members about bargaining, please let us know!

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After five months, your bargaining team signed a one-year deal to ensure you got your 2016 raise as soon as possible:

5% raise effective July 1, 2016

all classifications, all steps

Your team views this as a downpayment on true city pay parity, which means we have a lot more work to do: we’ll be back at the table this winter to continue fighting for fair wages and policies to retain the very best staff for our school children!

The ratification vote will be on Monday, September 12 at sites around the district — we’ll send out exact details later this week. Your bargaining team strongly urges you to vote YES!

We also made progress on a variety of workplace issues. Here are the highlights:

5 floating holidays every year going forward

Doubled tuition reimbursement pool and individual limits; Also participation in City University, providing a wide variety of free classes at City College of San Francisco

Catastrophic sick leave donation program

Aunt and Uncle included in family covered by bereavement leave

Verbal reprimands will not be placed in your personnel file unless there are further issues

No discipline for substance violations that would not be a crime in California

A commitment to permanent testing for clerks by July 2017

Promotional interview priority for clerks at step 5

Travel time and expenses between worksites paid for SNS workers on split shifts

Employee orientation meetings within 60 days of hire

Complete drafts of the new contract are available for review – just let us know and we’ll send you one.

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Next Tuesday, May 24, We Stand Up!

This fall, SFUSD classified workers will be 18.25% behind city workers in the same jobs.

Our communities thrive when school workers live in our city’s neighborhoods and build bonds with the families there. Our communities thrive when good jobs are available to parents and graduates looking for a step up. Our communities thrive when the best and brightest workers are lining up to support our public schools. Fair wages are a necessary part of bringing our values to action.

Your bargaining team has put forward a responsible proposal for a three-year phase in of equal pay with city jobs, with insurance that we won’t fall behind in the future, but the district reports they are “not interested in competing with the city on wages.”

We deserve equal pay and respect, but it won’t come for free.

It’s time to fight for your rights and fair wages. Tuesday, May 24 at 5pm, we’re taking our message to the school board.  Will you be there to tell them what you need?

What does come for free? T-shirts and Pizza!

Download and share the flyer, and then RSVP so we can have a t-shirt and slice ready for you!

If you’re around 555 Franklin earlier in the day, we’re also having a union lunch gathering in the board room at from noon – 12:45 to share updates on bargaining and answer questions.

RSVP and come to the rally for your pizza and t-shirt! 

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Since February 11, we have been at the bargaining table with SFUSD management. We have been working on contract improvements for all members.

Your bargaining team has made progress in some areas, and has reached tentative agreements with management on a few items:

• Establishing a sick leave transfer program

• Easier access to personnel files

• Expansion of in-year vacations and reduction of blackout periods

• Empowering membership by establishing a recognized pathway to shop stewardship

We’re not finished yet! In fact, we’re just getting to the hard part. As the cost of living goes up every year, our members’ wages are falling further behind wages for the same jobs in other City departments.

Based on your responses to our fall membership survey, we are preparing to issue a bold proposal to significantly bridge the parity gap with our brothers and sisters at the SF City and County.

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We’ll be electing our bargaining team and discussing the transition to permanent status for 2615 and 2616 workers. We’ll also have updates on clerical civil service testing and PBTs for smaller classifications like 1930, 1802, and 2672.

350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 100 South. 5:30pm – 7pm. Wednesday January 20th.

Please RSVP to josh@seiu-sfusd.org so we can make sure to have enough food

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“When will I get my raise?” is the question on everyone’s mind right now – and for good reason! It’s an expensive time of year, and we could all use a little help. The raise will appear on your March 4 check, along with the bonus and all retroactive pay. Each type of pay will have a separate line item:

  • Your regular pay for that period at the new rate (4% higher than before the raise)
  • 2% retroactive pay from July 1, 2014 through December 30, 2014
  • 4% retroactive pay from December 31, 2014 through February 17, 2015
  • A $200 bonus for all active employees in SEIU-represented classifications

Why March 4?

We ratified our raise on January 7, and then it went to the Budget & Finance department. They have to prepare a resolution for the board to vote on, and the board has to present that resolution at 2 public meetings.

We expect the board will vote to ratify on February 10. The raise will take effect the following pay period, beginning February 18. The check for that pay period arrives on March 4.

Do I have to be active in the union to get the bonus?

No. If you’re in a classification represented by SEIU and you’re an active employee of SFUSD, you will get the bonus. You should be an active union member because that’s how we get raises and bonuses in the first place!

I have more questions about this! Who can I ask?

Come to our February 18 membership meeting.

You can email help@seiu-sfusd.org or text or call Josh at 415-894-0279. I work in a kitchen so I can’t always answer my cell phone during the day, but I check my messages regularly and will get back to you.

Your voice was heard today, as 444 SEIU members voted on the raise bargained by your team over the last six months.

The final tally is in: 91% voted YES! to your raise.

We expect the board to ratify very soon, and we will update members at our January 21 membership meeting on when the bonus and retroactive payments will appear on your checks.

As you well know, there’s a lot more work to do. We’re just getting started this year, and we need your help to make the district a better place to learn and work!


It’s Wednesday, January 7, and today’s the day to vote for your raise! Visit one of these sites:

8am – 5pm

  • SEIU 1021 Union Hall at 350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 100 South

8am – 4pm

  • Everett Middle School – Room 5
  • 834 Toland Street – by Fire Extinguisher shop
  • 20 Cook Street
  • 135 Van Ness
  • Feinstein Elementary – Foyer
  • Marina Middle School – Auditorium Lobby (Enter from Fillmore St)
  • SOTA / Academy of Arts and Sciences – Quad area

Votes will be counted at the union hall starting at 5pm. We’d love to have your help! RSVP to Josh by text or call at 415-894-0279 if you’ll be there for dinner at 6pm.