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Article 10 – Career Development and Training


To ensure the District has a public workforce that is educated, trained and prepared to provide quality services to its community, the District and Union supports educational and training opportunities for classified staff.

10.1 Training Provisions

Training shall be conducted both during and after working hours. Job‐related workshops shall not be limited to those offered by the District.

10.1.1 All in‐service workshops shall be publicized at all sites employing classified staff.

10.1.2 The District will equitably compensate unit members who act as instructors consistent with pay for members
of other bargaining units, including possible payment or paid time off for preparation, if necessary.

10.1.3 Upon satisfactory completion of the in‐service, employees shall be issued a Certificate of Completion.

10.1.4 Job‐related technology
training will be conducted during paid time in an appropriate setting conducive to concentration and learning.

10.1.5 Trainings may be conducted by qualified and experienced unit members as available.

10.2 Training for Library Technical Assistants

The District and appropriate instructional and Library staff shall meet, design and implement a series of in‐service courses in skills appropriate to the Library Technical Assistant classification, and leading to a Certificate of Completion.

10.3 Job‐Related Workshops

10.3.1 Upon prior written approval of the Department head, an employee may participate in job‐related workshops offered by the District or outside agencies during their regular work day. The employee’s request to attend such workshops must include information regarding tuition, if any. Tuition for these pre‐approved workshops will be paid for by the District.

10.3.2 When directed by a supervisor, an employee shall attend a workshop or training during their regular workday or may attend a workshop or training after business hours on paid time. Pay or compensatory time shall be taken in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and other applicable regulations. Tuition for these workshops will be paid for by the District.

10.3.3 Upon prior written approval of a supervisor, an employee may attend a job‐related conference during paid time.

10.4 Professional Development

The District shall mandate a total of eight (8) paid hours of professional development for each bargaining unit member over the course of each school year, which shall include both in‐person and on‐line professional development, on a unit basis. The scheduling of the hours in each unit will occur in consultation with the unit Supervisor in order to avoid disruption of District operations. Attendance at scheduled sessions shall be mandatory for all bargaining unit members. Chapter Officers, as identified by the Union, shall have the right to attend and address unit members during all in‐person sessions for up to 30 minutes immediately following the lunch break..
The content of these sessions for full year employees shall be developed in consultation with the Union. These sessions may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Civil Service Rules
  • Understanding your Employees Benefits (e.g., Life Insurance) CPR
  • Team Building
  • Retirement
  • How do I get Information from Human Resources (SFUSD)? Employee
  • Assistance Program
  • Health Service System
  • Career Development (Promotions)
  • Emergency Preparedness training
  • Sexual Harassment Training

10.5 Emergency Preparedness Training

All bargaining unit members shall undergo training in emergency preparedness (including the District’s Disaster Policy and Procedures – i.e., earthquakes, fires, blackouts, etc.) – in order that they will be able to respond as Emergency Disaster Workers when the need arises.

10.5.1 Within 60 days of hire of a new emergency manager, the emergency manager, the Union and appropriate district staff will meet to discuss an emergency preparedness training plan which addresses all unit members.

10.6 Professional Growth/Tuition Reimbursement Plan

The District shall establish a pool of $20,000/year for the purpose of reimbursing tuition cost to bargaining unit members. Classes to be reimbursed will be approved in advance by the District’s Department of Human Resources. Each member shall be eligible for no more than $1,000 per year of reimbursement as described herein upon verification of completion of classes (e.g. transcripts or sufficient written/electronic proof).

10.7 Certification Renewal

Employees shall be granted time off, without loss of pay, to complete mandatory requirement for certification renewal that are necessary for continued District employment in their classification. Training conducted by the district for mandatory certifications will be provided during the employees’ paid time.

At this time, the following bargaining classifications are impacted by this provision: 7218, 1930, 2615, 2616, 2630, 2634, 2656, 2672, 2674, and 3616. When additional classifications are added to the bargaining unit, they will be included in this if applicable.

10.8 City University

The District will participate in the City University program and work with the Union to identify courses that will provide additional opportunities for career development and services improvement within the District.

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