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Article 11 – Subcontracting of Work


11.1 Prior to formal issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP), a copy shall be sent to the Union. Prior to final action on said RFP, the District shall make available for inspection any and all pertinent background and/or documentation reasonably related to the Union’s representational rights for the service to be subcontracted. The District agrees to meet with the Union upon request to discuss and attempt to resolve issues related to possible alternatives to subcontracting. These meetings shall be conducted in good faith with an aim of preserving promotional opportunities for unit members, maintaining good morale and providing cost effective services to the District.

11.2 Except in temporary overflow situations or those covered herein, the District shall not utilize non‐bargaining unit workers to perform bargaining unit work.

11.3 The District shall meet with the Union upon request to discuss and attempt to resolve issues related to utilizing unpaid volunteers, GA workers, SWAP or GAIN workers to perform bargaining unit work. In no event shall any of the foregoing workers be utilized to permanently replace vacant bargaining unit positions.

11.4 There shall be no layoffs or reductions in assigned time of unit members as a result of any subcontracting of work. The District will not subcontract work with the intent of eliminating bargaining unit positions, nor eliminate bargaining unit position with the intent of subcontracting work.

11.5 Ongoing work of the District is to be performed by civil service workers in accordance with Civil Service and Charter requirements. If bargaining unit positions become vacant through natural attrition, the District shall have the right to utilize outside contractors, consistent with section 11.4 above, to perform the duties of said vacated positions in an effort to provide efficient and cost effective services to the school community. In this event the parties shall utilize the process described in Section 11.1 above. The District will make every effort to fill vacated positions expeditiously.

11.5.1 In the case of any contracting out of bargaining unit work as contemplated herein such work will be performed by available union labor and paid according to applicable law, provided it does not interfere with the District’s statutory obligation to use the lowest responsible bidder.

11.5.2 Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, the District shall not subcontract bargaining unit services performed by any of the following departments during the term of this agreement; library services, custodial services, student nutritional services, warehouse worker, office/clerical workers, and school health services.

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