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Article 19 – Child Development Program Provisions


19.1 Filling of Vacancies

Any vacancies for 2672 – Assistant Houseparent or 2674 – Houseparent will be posted at 20 Cook Street and at every center. Civil Service permanent employees shall have the opportunity to transfer into vacant positions based on program needs and seniority. All things being equal, seniority shall be the basis of such transfer.

19.1.1 In the absence of a Civil Service list, temporary employees shall be offered any vacant regular assignment based on program needs and length of service. All things being equal, length of service shall be the basis for such assignment. This shall follow permanent employees being offered the opportunity to transfer. Any employee who cannot be contacted for a period of five (5) working days shall be considered to have waived the position.

19.1.2 Between opportunity for transfer, and as needed from time to time for substitute, temporary openings shall be filled on the basis of seniority or length of service and program needs. All things being equal, seniority or length of service shall be the basis for substitute assignments.

19.2 Long Term Temporary Assignment

When the District assigns long‐term additional “as‐needed” hours (commonly referred to as “blue sheet” hours) to houseparents with regularly scheduled assignments, such additional hours assigned for at least 20 consecutive days will include applicable accruals and entitlements of sick leave, vacation, holidays and retirement contribution retroactive to the first day of such assignment.

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