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Article 20 – Library Technical Assistants


20.1 General Provisions

20.1.1 The District shall not distribute the duties currently performed by Library Technical Assistants to any other members of the bargaining unit without meeting and conferring with the Union. Meeting and conferring shall, upon notice from the District of its intent to distribute the duties of Library Technical Assistants to other members of the bargaining unit and the Union’s request to meet and confer, consist of discussions in which the District and the Union exchange information regarding the impact on bargaining unit members and endeavor to reach agreement on the distribution of duties currently assigned to Library Technical Assistants. If unable to reach agreement, the District may proceed with the action.

20.1.2 Library Technical Assistants shall not be assigned to perform work outside of the scope of their Job Descriptions.

20.1.3 The Library Technicians shall be evaluated annually.

20.1.4 Library Technicians shall be eligible to attend pertinent classes, workshops and presentations of the District
master calendar.

20.1.5 Library Technicians vacancies shall be normally posted for 5 days and circulated in the W.A.D.

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