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Article 07 – Personnel Files


7.1 There shall be only one personnel file for each employee which shall be kept confidential. Materials in personnel files of employees which may serve as a basis for affecting the status of their employment are to be made available for the inspection of the person involved. Such materials shall not include rating reports, or records which (1) were obtained prior to the employment of the person involved, (2) were prepared by identifiable examination committee members, (3) were obtained in connection with a promotional examination. Every employee shall have the right to inspect such materials upon request, provided that the request is made at a time when such person is not actually required to render services to the employing District. A representative chosen by the employee may accompany them at this time. Such review shall take place during normal business hours, and the employee shall be released from duty for this purpose without salary reduction.

If an employee is unable to view their personnel file during normal business hours of the Human Resources Office, they may designate in writing a union representative to perform the review on their behalf. Such designation will be valid for one review only.

7.2 Other than formal evaluations, derogatory materials in a personnel file that are at least three (3) years old, and where there has been no repeated incident(s) of the problem(s) that gave rise to such materials during said time period, shall be placed in a sealed envelope. Said sealed material shall not be opened except by court order, or with the unit member’s consent.

7.3 Documents used for discipline purposes which have not already been sent to the personnel file shall be destroyed by close of business June 30th unless these materials are sent to the personnel file in accordance with section 7.4.

7.4 Information of a derogatory nature shall not be entered or filed unless and until the employee is given a copy and an opportunity to review and comment thereon. An employee shall have the right to enter, and have attached to any such derogatory statement, their own comments thereon. Anonymous or uncorroborated material shall not be

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