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Justo antes de las vacaciones de primavera, miembros de Estudiantes de Nutrición se reunieron para celebrar la primavera, con rifas, buena comida preparada por nuestros miembros, y juegos divertidos! No podemos esperar a ver a todos de nuevo a su celebración de fin de año – estad atentos para más detalles!

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It’s finally time!

If you are interested in a permanent job in the Student Nutrition department, the jobs will post to the city’s online application system JobAps on October 7 y 8.

Get Ready
You can complete or update the Master Application now to make sure applying for the jobs will be as easy as possible. If it tells you yourregistration already existsand you need your password, llamada 415-557-4800 and ask for help.

What are the Minimum Qualifications?
Para ser un permanente 2615 worker, you must have a food handler card and 6 months working in a kitchen, along with a high school diploma or equivalent. To be a 2616 lead, you must have a food safety manager’s certificate (“Serv-Segura”). If you need help getting qualified, call Josh at 415-610-5709 or talk to your area supervisor.

Help is Available
To make sure your application goes smoothly, help will be available at 135 Van Ness in the first floor classrooms from 8soy – 6PM both days.

When you’re done
Please call Mary Sanders at 510-219-8908 so we can mark you on the list.

Lo que ocurre a continuación?
If you meet the minimum qualifications, you’ll get an appointment for a test the week before or after Thanksgiving. If everything goes smoothly, the scoring, protest, and list certification will be done by mid-January; there are a few possible delays, but we’ll keep you posted. Get the “Que sigue” flyer to share with your coworkers.

It’s been a long road to get permanent status for our Student Nutrition members, but we’re finally making real progress. En abril 26, the School Board and Superintendent agreed to take our appeal to the Civil Service Commission. Following that appeal we reached agreement on a task-based test with no written component, and bonus points for years already worked.

Since then we have been meeting with HR and the SNS department to speed up development of the test as much as possible, and to ensure that it’s a test our members will pass. There will be classes in January and February to help you get ready, so stay tuned and come to our Diciembre 17 reunión de los miembros for more information.