How Can I Get Union
Help at Work?

From time to time, everyone has challenges at work. It’s important to know that your coworkers will stand up for you and help you solve problems to make work better for everyone. Your union leadership can provide guidance and representation, but we need everyone to pitch in!

1. Know Your Rights

Your rights as an SEIU Member and SFUSD employee are contained in your contract and various legislation. A great way to get a primer on your rights is to attend a steward training. If you have questions about your rights, ask a steward at

2. Your Membership Matters

It’s important that as many people as possible are members of our union, so we have the strength to stand up together at work. With a strong and active membership base, we have the influence and tools to hold managers accountable and protect the workers we represent. Every person counts. You can become a member or update your membership ici.

3. Write Down All of the Important Facts

When contacting a steward for representation, the steward will ask you a lot of questions about what happened, what needs to be fixed, and how we can help. It’s important to have as much detail and evidence as possible. If it’s a pay issue, please have the pay stubsready. It’s always helpful to know your employee ID #. Dates, times, and names are very useful when investigating a grievance. Please be as specific as possible.

You can use our “Signaler un problème” form to help you get everything down in detail.

4. Contact a Steward

Once you have your details in order, ask a stewardfor help. If you prefer reaching out directly, use this contact info:

The Steward Team
Anthony Mills

Custodial Supervisor at 801 Atterrir, Chef steward – 415-424-8649

Shem Korngold (Español)
Education Integration Specialist at Cook St, Steward – 415-819-2899

Tracy Brown (Español)
Substitute Clerk, Steward – 415-509-7266

Ken Tsui (广东话, mandarin)
Custodian at Lowell, 415-308-5790

Gesner Nazaire
Custodian at Cesar Chavez, Steward – 415-374-3584

Jeanine Butler
Cafeteria Worker at Cleveland, Steward – 415-670-0055

SEIU 1021 Staff Field Representative
Jesse Tangk

510-710-0188 –

Other Chapter Officers who can help
Lorraine Bowser
SEIU Executive Board Rep, Cafeteria Worker at Downtown HS – 415-370-6569

Josh Davidson
Chef at SOTA, chapitre Président – 415-610-5709 (fax 415-418-6051)

Rafael Picazo
Director of Environmental Safety at 135 Van Ness, Chapter VP – 650-520-6457

Jeanette Coleman
Clerk at 20 Cook St, chapitre trésorier – 415-571-6881

Arlene Sharp
Cafeteria Worker at Malcom X, chapitre Secrétaire – 415-370-0498