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Article 14 – Work Assignments


The Union recognizes the Charter authority of the Superintendent in assigning employees under their direction. The following does not negate the authority of the Superintendent under the City Charter and Civil Service, but is an effort to establish acceptable procedures to be followed in making assignments. The following also does not limit the authority of the Appointing Officer to determine if and when a vacant position will be filled.

14.1 The District, realizing staffing reductions could result in increased workload pressure upon the remaining employees, agrees to attempt to equitably distribute the workload among employees and any increased workload will be duly considered in performance evaluations and promotional interviews.

14.1.1 The District acknowledges that employees may not be able to accomplish the additional work created by staffing reduction and increased workload in the same standard as their prior workload.

14.2 The District will provide specifically requested information relating to staff levels and workload in a given department upon written request to the Chief of Human Resources.

14.3 When requested by the Union, upon mutual agreement of the District, the District will perform a desk audit of positions and meet with the Union to evaluate options for classifications and workload adjustments.

14.4 When requested by the Union, the District and the Union will meet at reasonable intervals to evaluate strategies to increase recruitment and retention. Such strategies shall not include matters that are properly the subject of negotiations.

14.5 No member in the bargaining unit shall be requested to serve in place of a certificated personnel.

14.6 Training in new procedures and equipment will be provided in the normal course of business.

14.7 Employees who are required to perform work‐related duties beyond their normal workday shall be compensated in accordance with section 5.5.9 (overtime) of this Agreement.

14.7.1 Advance notice will normally be given to an employee required to work overtime or extra time. Volunteers for such assignments will normally be sought, on a rotational seniority basis among qualified members in the department or site. The supervisor will make an effort to equalize overtime among volunteers on an annual basis. Employees shall work overtime and extra time assignments, but may be excused from this obligation at the discretion of the District.

14.8 No employee shall be required to perform personal errands for other members of the staff.

14.9 Members of the bargaining unit will receive consideration in the filling of vacancies for the summer school program on the basis of program needs and seniority. All thing being equal, seniority will be the governing factor.

14.10 In the event that regular, additional work hours are available at a job site, a bargaining unit member working four (4) hours per day, or less, shall receive, upon request, priority consideration for having an increase in their assigned hours.

14.11 An employee whose regularly assigned schedule is changed by the District, will be given 15 work days’ notice of such change. When a change in regularly assigned schedules impacts more than 5 unit members, the union will be concurrently notified in advance of the change. Involuntary changes in regularly assigned schedules will be made on a reverse seniority basis.

14.12 Confidential Employee Work Assignments

The District shall notify the Union on or before July 15th of each year as to what unit classifications and number of employees are with “confidential” status as of that date. Thereafter, the District shall notify the Union thirty (30) days prior to any additional designation of unit classification as “confidential.” Upon request, the District will meet and confer with the Union.

14.13 Voluntary Reduced Work Week

14.13.1 Employees in any classification, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and subject to the approval of the Director of Human Resources, may voluntarily elect to work a reduced work week for a specific period of time. Such reduced work week shall not be less than twenty (20) hours per week for a period of not less than three (3), nor more than six (6) continuous months during the fiscal year.

14.13.2 Pay, vacation, holidays and sick pay shall be reduced in accordance with such reduced work week. Voluntary reduction of hours shall have no effect on health service coverage, dental coverage, salary step increases and seniority for layoff purposes.

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