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Article 17 – Custodial Provisions


17.1 Transfers

17.1.1 Whenever, in the judgment of the Director of Custodial Services, it is for the best interest of the service, a classified employee holding permanent appointment in a regular Civil Service position in one school may, upon their written request, be transferred to a position of the same Civil Service classification in another school.

17.1.2 In making a transfer under this procedure, all other things being equal, preference shall be given to the employee who has the longest service as a permanent employee of the School District.

17.1.3 The District agrees to post and accept bids twice a year on all vacant positions to be filled. A waiting period of two (2) weeks after such posting will be observed, during which time applicants may apply in writing to the Director of Custodial Services for vacancies.

17.1.4 The Principal or Appointing Officer shall be given an opportunity to interview candidates for vacancies. The transfer shall be made effective at the proper time unless disapproved for cause by both the principal and the Director of Custodial Services.

17.1.5 Such a transferee shall not be entitled to more than one transfer in any school year except under special permission of the Director of Custodial Services.

17.1.6 The department will provide the union with a complete list of positions, bids, and winning bids as well as a copy of the bid packet sent to each classification. In any case where the most senior worker did not win the bid for a position, the department will provide a satisfactory explanation.

17.1.7 Any transfer necessitated for the good of the service shall be made based upon program needs, affirmative action and seniority. All things being equal, seniority will be the governing factor.

17.1.8 Any employee transferred for disciplinary reasons shall be entitled, at the employee’s request, to a conference with the Director of Custodial Services and Union representation.

17.2 Temporary Changes

Temporary changes in shift assignment will be made based upon program needs and seniority. All things being equal, changes shall be made in inverse order of seniority.

17.3 Reporting Time

The Union and the District agree that the reporting time for Custodians working in schools with three (3) or more custodians on both the day and swing shift shall, unless mutually agreeable to the Department and the employee, be the same during the Winter and Spring vacations as it is regularly.

17.4 Furniture Removal

Where it can be performed safely, a custodian may move furniture between rooms on a floor of the school, so long as they are provided with the appropriate equipment.

When furniture needs to be moved between floors, between buildings, or if the custodians do not have the training or equipment to perform the work safely, a work order will be placed by the supervisor to have warehouse workers perform the work.

17.5 Asbestos Safety

The District will comply with the annual training requirements provided for in Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1987 and Cal‐OSHA Hazardous Communications.

17.6 In‐Year Vacations for Custodians

17.6.1 The District shall provide up to 35 in‐year vacations per year, exclusive of the blackout periods at the beginning and end of the student instructional calendar. “In‐year,” as used herein shall mean the period between on or about October 1st and on or about May 15th of any school year.

17.6.2 Custodians may submit a written request for an in‐year vacation.

17.6.3 Provided that District efficiency is not adversely impacted, in‐year vacation requests (as described herein)
may be approved.

17.6.4 Approvals will be based on District seniority, as excepted as provided for below; ties in seniority will be broken by lot.

17.6.5 After an eligible custodian has received an in‐year vacation, they shall drop to the bottom of the seniority list when future requests are being considered. If more in‐year vacations are requested than can be granted, as contemplated herein, preference will be given to “most senior” custodians who have not previously been granted in‐year vacation. “Most Senior” as used herein, shall be calculated as follows: All District custodians, other than as‐needed, shall be ranked on the basis of District hire date. Those custodians in the upper half of said ranking shall be considered “most senior.”

17.6.6 Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, not more than one (1) eligible custodian at any job
site may be on an in‐year vacation at any given time.

17.6.7 Nothing contained herein shall be construed to eliminate custodial vacations during recesses.

17.6.8 Custodial vacations will generally not be approved during the following blackout periods:
* Two weeks before the last day of school
* The date the site administrators report for duty through two weeks after the first instructional day.

17.7 Custodial Recycling and Other Duties

Custodians in the normal course of their duties will handle and remove from the classroom material already set aside for recycling; however, recycling and composting programs at District sites shall not be the work/responsibility of the custodian(s). Custodians will not be expected to sort compostable or recyclable items that have been placed in the trash.

17.8 Custodial Work – Supervision & Duties

When a custodian at any school site receives multiple or conflicting requests for services at the same time, the custodian may request direction on how to proceed from the site administrator or designee. If a site administrator or designee is not available, the custodian will request direction from the custodial supervisor.

17.8.1 Custodians will not be required to load or unload the personal items of any District employee. Custodians shall not be required to clean skylights or exterior windows. No custodian shall be required to work on any ladder over 12 feet.

17.8.2 Custodial Substitute Duties
If the department is unable to cover an absent custodian’s entire shift, the custodial supervisor will provide a written abbreviated, prioritized run appropriate to the number of hours that will be performed. The department will maintain a file of these abbreviated runs for reference and efficient service and make them available for inspection by the Union.

17.9 Work Pursuant to a Permit

When a custodian works a shift pursuant to a facilities use permit, the primary job of that custodian will be to serve the needs of the permitted activity. Additional assignments may be given to the custodian so long as they do not interfere with providing service to the permit holder.

17.10 Handbook

The policies stated in the custodial handbook shall not contradict an expressed term of this Agreement. The District will forward a copy of the handbook to the Union in advance for its reaction and input.

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