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Article 04 – Translation and Distribution


4.1 Translation

Upon ratification of this agreement by the Board of Education, the District and Union shall cause the Agreement to be translated into Spanish and Chinese. The District and Union will, within 90 days, correct any translation issues or errors by mutual agreement. The cost of this translation shall be borne equally by the parties.

4.2 English Language Agreement Governs Disputes

If any conflicts or disputes arise regarding the translation or proper interpretation of any term or provision of this agreement, the intent, and language of the English language version of the agreement shall prevail.

4.3 Distribution Online

The District and Union will post the completed contracts to their websites in each language as soon as practicable after ratification.

4.4 Distribution in Print

The District and Union will share the cost of printing sufficient contracts, in each language, to distribute to current bargaining unit members and other District employees as needed. These contracts will be printed in a format mutually agreeable to the parties.

The Union has the right to use District Mail to distribute contracts to worksites.

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