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Article 09 – Union Rights



9.1 Bulletin Boards

The Union shall have the right to post notices of activities and matters of Union business on employee bulletin board space provided in each school building, or center, in areas frequented by employees.

9.2 District Mail

The Union may use the District mail service and employee mailboxes for communications to employees subject to reasonable regulations, the provisions of the Education Code and District policy manuals, and the rulings issued by PERB or courts of competent jurisdiction.

9.3 Access

Upon timely notification to Labor Relations, a Union representative shall be allowed reasonable contact with workers on District grounds and facilities. Said contact shall not interfere with employee work.

9.3.1 In fulfilling its role as exclusive bargaining agent, the Union shall have reasonable access to District building, owned or leased, that are regularly used by bargaining unit members in the performance of District duties. This provision shall not apply to District properties that are leased entirely for commercial purposes.

9.4 Copy of OASIS

The Union shall be provided with a timely copy of each OASIS notice.

9.4.1 Internet Access

SEIU Local 1021 Unit members shall be provided with a District e‐mail account and a password and shall be granted access to a District workplace computer for use permitted by the District’s Technology Acceptable Use and Security Policy, to view District e‐mail and official District communications.

9.5 Copy of all Official Circulars

All official District circulars which deal with bargaining unit working conditions covered by the Agreement shall be posted in each school or work location in the District in a timely manner after issuance, with a copy forwarded to the Union.

9.6 Board Agendas and Minutes

The District shall make the agenda and minutes of each meeting, including public and non‐confidential support materials, of the Board of Education available to the Union at approximately the same time that they are made available to the Board members.

9.7 Posting of Vacancies

All [District recruitments for positions in SEIU classes]( shall be posted on the District website and published in the OASIS, a copy of which shall be posted in the school staff room/lounge. The OASIS shall also include all CSC examination announcements for District‐only classifications.

9.7.1 Qualified employees shall be fairly considered for the positions in accordance with Civil Service Rules. Employee seniority will be given reasonable weight and cannot be disregarded by decision makers.

9.7.2 The parties acknowledge that San Francisco’s Department of Human Resources is the agency charged with official civil service exam announcements and such announcements are available on the internet and telephone hot line.

9.8 Shop Stewards

The Union shall furnish the Labor Relations Department with an accurate list of shop stewards and designated officers of the Union in areas as designated by the Union by July 1st of each year. The Union may submit an amendment to the list at any time. Only employees on this list are empowered to act as shop stewards.

9.8.1 Shop stewards and designated officers of the Union shall be granted reasonable release time to investigate and process grievances, disciplinary appeals and attend meetings with District management without loss of pay or benefits. Shop stewards shall notify Labor Relations prior to release for Union Business. Such notification of release time shall normally be made in advance of the meeting date and shall include the area or work location where they will be investigating or processing grievances, disciplinary appeals or meetings with District management.

9.8.2 In emergency situations, where immediate disciplinary action must be taken because of a violation of law or board policy, a shop steward shall not unreasonably be denied the right to leave their post or duty to represent the employee.

9.8.3 Except in emergency situations, an investigation, disciplinary or grievance meeting shall be rescheduled if a shop steward is denied release time.

9.8.4 A shop steward may interview an employee during the employee’s regular work time in order to investigate or process a grievance or disciplinary appeal with the approval of the employee’s supervisor, which shall not unreasonably with withheld.

9.8.5 Shop stewards shall be responsible for the performance of their work load, consistent with release time approved pursuant to rules established herein.

9.9 Release Time for Union Officer(s)

A designated Union officer(s) shall be released from District duties upon Union request. Such leaves shall normally begin at the beginning of the semester for school‐term employees or July 1st for year‐round employees. Members shall be credited with service time for salary increment and benefit purposes. The Union shall reimburse the District for the full economic package of the released officer(s) no later than June 30th of the year the leave is granted.

9.9.1 The District shall grant reasonable requests for short‐term leaves for Union business, other than bargaining, providing a written request is submitted by the Union at least two (2) days in advance, if practicable and providing that adequate substitutes are available, if needed. The Union shall reimburse the District for the full economic package of the released union member.

9.10 Employment Transaction List

The District shall send to the Union president or designee an electronic list of employee transaction whenever these list are generated for Board agendas.

9.11 Designated SEIU representatives and Labor Relations shall meet and consult to establish arrangements and conditions under which newly hired employees may be released without loss of pay for up to one hour, exclusive of travel time if any, to attend a union orientation workshop within 30 work days of their first date of paid service.

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