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Civil Service Governing Ordinances

Employee Relations Ordinance


Charter & Admin Code Provisions

Chapter 2A: Executive Branch
Article II: Departments

Sec. 2A.30. Department Heads

Charter 6: Public Works Contracting Policies And Procedures
Article II: Construction Contracting

Sec. 6.22. Public Work Construction Contract Terms and Working Conditions

Charter 16: Officers And Employees Generally
Article II: Vacations

Sec. 16.10. Definitions


Sec. 16.11. Calculation of Vacations


Sec. 16.12. Award and Accrual of Vacation


Sec. 16.13. Effect of Separation Upon Vacation


Sec. 16.14. Vacation Schedules


Sec. 16.15. Use of Partial Vacation to Supplement Disability Leave


Sec. 16.16. Vacation Charges Between Departments

Charter 16: Officers And Employees Generally
Article XI: Disability Benefits

Sec. 16.170. Entitlement Defined

Charter 21: Acquisition Of Commododities And Services



Table of Contents