05. Hunyo 2018 · Mga Puna Off sa Parcel Tax Negotiations Update · Kategorya: balita

We met on Monday for our third negotiation session about the potential Prop G Parcel Tax. Our asks include additional salary for all members to help us reach city parity, a minimum 4-hour schedule for student nutrition workers, summertime paid training for clerks, expansion of environmental health and a training program for new staff, and community school support for the new transitional housing shelter at Buena Vista Horace Mann.

We anticipate winning on most of these issues. If one is particularly important to you, call the school board and let them know, or come to the Hunyo 12 meeting at 6pm!

Because of a potential November ballot measure that could overturn the parcel tax, it may be several months before this is fully resolved. We’ll keep you posted. If you want more information on our political work, please give us your personal email address.

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