05. Marso 2017 · Mga Puna Off sa Dapat nating tumayo nang magkasama! Tulong isaaktibo ang iyong worksite · Kategorya: Tayo!, Iyong Kontrata

Do you want to bargain, or beg for scraps? We need every school and worksite to raise their voices for the pay parity we deserve. City classified workers just negotiated a 6% raise over the next 18 buwan, which would leave us 21% behind if the school district doesn’t step up.
Tell your coworkers, tell your supervisors, tell the school board: It’s time for pay parity.

Join the CAT team to get inside info on bargaining and updates on workplace actions and other things you and your coworkers can do to make sure the district treats us with respect. Call Arlene Sharp at 415-370-0498 o mag-click dito!

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