Workplace hazard? Call the safety inspector.

You have the right to request a safety inspection if you are asked to work in an unsafe environment or do something that may endanger you “beyond the normal hazards of your job.”

The only way to stay safe is to be proactive. Report all safety hazards to the district safety officer, Walter Patrick, 在 415-730-4021 or call your union.

29.5 學區承認自己有責任為學區員工一個安全,健康的工作環境. 學區同意調查和部門建議給予考慮,以改善員工代表的工作環境. The District agrees to maintain safety standards for represented employees as required by the pertinent provisions of Cal-OSHA.

29.5.1 If bargaining unit member has a good faith belief that a project to which he/she has been assigned presents health and/or safety risks beyond those normally associated with his/ her classification, 該單元的成員可由區安全主任或他指定要求該項目的審查或分配工作. 這樣的要求,不得無理拒絕.

29.5.3 Material Safety Data sheets shall be available for inspection by employees or their Union Representative.