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Pretty soon, you will start hearing from the Freedom Foundation and other political groups that want to destroy unions. They’ll pretend to be friendly, just suggesting a way to “give yourself a raise” by canceling your union membership.
Don’t buy the hype – the only reason we are able to have power to win raises and better working conditions is because of your membership.

When we stand together, we win
What have you done for us lately, though? I can hear the question as I write this.
Simple: SEIU at SFUSD has won raises every year since 2013. Our bargaining team has made huge gains in work rules to make sure we’re treated fairly and respected at work. We have fired harassing bosses, expanded important programs, and saved the jobs of workers who were unfairly targeted.

Tell the Union Busters to Find Another Line of Work
We don’t need people harassing our members at work and at home to try to break up the union. We need to tell those union busters to take a hike so we can get back to work building great public schools for the children of San Francisco. If you get a call or a visit from the union busters, tell them to get a real job and to leave you alone!

San Francisco is a union town!

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