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Quoi de neuf dans votre contrat?

Des articles 5.0 et 5.1 – Compensation and Longevity

Article 5 is where wages and benefits live in our contract, except for leaves (in articles 12 et 13).

5.0 details the negotiated raises for the current term of the contract: 5% on July 1, 2017; 4% on July 1, 2018; 3% on July 1, 2019. Together with the parcel tax salary adjustment (more on that at our chapter meeting next week), our members will see a 15.875% increase over the three years of the contract – plus de 16% when you consider compound interest!

5.0.1 details the lump sum payment our members received on ratification of the contract in 2017. We negotiated a fixed-dollar lump sum payment because it provides extra benefit to our lowest-paid members, where percentage salary adjustments benefit our highest-paid members the most. It’s important that we make sure everyone gets a fair shake at affording life in the Bay Area.

5.02 details some salary adjustments for classes that have no incumbents, or did not for many yearsthese classes had fallen behind everyone else’s schedule, so when we hired a new shade and drapery worker the starting pay was only $17/hr.

COMMITTEE ALERT! There’s a committee in that will start meeting soon to work on wages and hours for SNS workers. If you’re interesting in being involved, please contact Jesse Tangk so we can include you. We want lots of member representation on this committee.

5.1 Longevity prime
To thank our most experienced members for sticking around, we have longevity premiums for members that have worked at least 10 ou 15 années. À 10 années, it’s a 30 cent per hour premium, and at 15 years it’s 60 cents (up from a previous 40 cent premium). That works out to $24 ou $48 per paycheck if you work full time.

New in this contract cycle, you don’t have to work a minimum schedule to qualify and previous city service counts for the 15 year level (it used to only count for the 10 year level).

Check your pay stub! If you have worked at least 10 years and are not currently receiving longevity pay, please let us know right away. The computer doesn’t always automatically set it up, so we need you to keep an eye out and report if you have a problem.

Next week we’ll look at 5.2 retraite, 5.3 santé, et 5.4 dentaire (we get a lot of questions about these, so send me your questions and I’ll cover them in the explainer!)

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Sign up for the civil service test between this morning and next Thursday at 5pm!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants who previously applied for 2708 Custodian MUST REAPPLY in order to be considered for future vacancies.

1. Six (6) mois (equivalent to 1040 heures) verifiable paid full time custodial or janitorial experience at a commercial building such as an office building, warehouse, retail or wholesale store, or non-profit agency or a commercial facility (such as a university, hospital, stadium, auditorium, hotel/motel, etc.); OR

2. Certificate of Completion of a Custodial Training Program equivalent to those certified by the City and County of San Francisco Human Services AgencyOR

3. Verification of current enrollment in a Custodial Training course equivalent to those certified by the City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency at the time of application. Note: Candidates who are enrolled in a custodial training course at the time of application must submit verification of having completed the course (par exemple. copy of certificate of completion), prior to appointment. Candidates will remain under waiver until such time that verification is provided.

Recognized custodial training courses include, mais pas limité a, le suivant:
• City College of San Francisco Building Maintenance (Custodial Training
• Community Housing Partnership, Property Management/ Maintenance Program
• Self Help for the Elderly, Housekeeping Program
• Goodwill Industries Community Jobs Program (CJP) in a Janitor work assignment
• Career Resources Development Center (CRDC) Maintrain Program
• Toolworks Janitorial Training
• JVSWork Transforms Lives
• Airport Commission

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Quoi de neuf dans votre contrat? Article 4 – Traduction et distribution

Upon ratificationthe District and Union shall cause this contract to be translated into Spanish and Chinese.

It’s important that all of our members can read and use their contract. Because so many of our members speak and read languages other than English at home, the union and the district should provide translated versions of the contract for easier understanding. As a union, we have also discussed adding a tagalog translation to the contract.

Unfortunately, because of the cost, we have not distributed a properly translated contract since 2013. This is where we need your help: I know we have many bilingual members who can assist with translation, and we can pay for your time to do so. If you are able to help and work some extra hours, please contact Jesse Tangk, Tracy Brown, ou Ken Tsui.

Article 4.2 specifies that when we file grievances or lawsuits, we do so with the English-language version of the contract.

Des articles 4.3 et 4.4 cover distribution of the contract. The contract is to be posted online (see draft here) and hand delivered or sent through school mail to all members. A copy of the contract is also provided to all principals, site administrators, and new hires.

We are currently waiting to resolve a couple of changes in Articles 8 et 9 based on new state laws, and the final calculation of the Prop G salary supplement, before we send the current contract to the printers.

Next week we’ll start in on Article 5 – Compensation and Benefits. It’s the biggest article of the contract, so I’ll deal with it in pieces.

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Our Endorsements

Novembre 22 is the last day to register! If you are not registered yet, vous pouvez register online today

Why wait? Il y a lots of ways to vote early!

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Working families should all have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home. Together we can take back our democracy from billionaires who seek to rig our economy.

Call members to inform them and get them involved! octobre 15-18, 22-25, 29-31
4-8PM (come for an hour or more)
350 Rhode Island St., #100 Sud
RSVP michael.weinberg@seiu1021.org 415-717-2185

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Speak Out for Equity
Septembre 19

SF Board of Supervisors’ Government Audit and Oversight Committee

En septembre 19 à 11 UN M, the Government Audit and Oversight Committee will be conducting a hearing regarding racism and discrimination in SF City & County Departments. Come and testify about discrimination you have experienced working for SF City and County.

Workers across the City have spoken out about unfair treatment and unnecessary disciplines against their coworkers and the disproportionate targeting of African American workers. They’ve
spoken out about the lack of diversity in some departments, citing that certain ethnicities are hired for particular job types based on racial stereotypes. Others have seen the disproportionate number
of African American workers threatened with separation from probation if they did not agree to extend their probation period.

We’re demanding an end to these threats and unfair treatment. We are asking city leaders to address the systemic issues leading to the unfair treatment of workers of color. Show that you stand against injustice, hate, and ignorance and join us at this hearing on Wednesday, Septembre 19.

WHEN: Mercredi, septembre. 19 11 UN M – 1 PM

WHAT: Government Audit and Oversight hearing regarding discrimination in SF City & County Departments.

WHERE: SF City Hall, RM 250
RSVP with the Member Resource Center: (510) 350-9811.

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Now that everyone is back to school, it’s time for the annual reminder that you should never give up your lunch or break. Taking time to rest and care for yourself is an important part of staying healthy.

For every four hours you work, you are entitled to a 15 minute paid rest break. Interruptions cost the employer 15 minutes, so if your rest break is interrupted by a supervisor directing you to perform work the timer starts over.

For shifts 6 hours or longer, you are entitled to a 30 minute or 1 hour duty-free lunch. Unless your supervisor presents an actual business need for your lunch to be a specific length, it is up to your discretion to schedule it.

Interruptions to lunch that cause you to perform work cost the employer no less than 15 minutes.

Toi may not schedule your lunch at the very beginning or end of your shift, causing you to arrive late or leave early. Toi may leave campus during your unpaid, duty-free lunch period: the employer is not allowed to control your location during lunch. If the employer controls your location for any reason, you are not at lunch and must be paid for your time.


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L'été est un moment idéal pour se impliquer et renforcer le pouvoir des travailleurs! Rejoignez-nous pour l'alimentation, camaraderie, et mises à jour sur les nouvelles importantes que les impacts de votre travail. Nous allons vous mettre à jour sur les tests de la fonction publique, la taxe de colis, votre relance Juillet, et les écoles communautaires initiative. Apportez les articles que vous souhaitez discuter, ou contacter votre délégué syndical! Imprimer et partager le dépliant avec vos collègues

Mercredi, Juin 27 – 5:30-7PM

À l'Union SEIU Salle

350 Rhode Island St, Suite 100 Sud

Sur le 10, 19, 22, et 55 autobus

2 blocs de la 33, 9, et 9R


Vous devez être membre pour participer SEIU. Si vous n'êtes pas membre, vous demandera de signer une carte de membre à votre arrivée.


RSVP en ligne

ou appelez le Centre de ressources membres

à 877-NOTRE-1021 (877-687-1021)


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Ce sera un grand! Nous exigeons la justice pour les familles à Malcom X école qui aurait pu leur espace emmené par une nouvelle charte.

Nous exigeons également la sécurité, écoles saines protégées par nos agents de santé environnementale.

Nous exigeons le respect pour le personnel classé dans toutes les décisions de district.

Rejoignez-nous et parler de vos écoles!

Juin 12, 6PM
555 Franklin St, 94102

RSVP à Tracy

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dans le 2016-2017 Contrat, SEIU a ajouté un libellé pour appuyer le don d'un congé de maladie à vos collègues. Contrairement à d'autres unités, nous n'avons un nombre limité “inscription ouverte” ou une période “banque” pour gérer, au contraire, nous recueillons des dons pour chaque personne qui a besoin d'un congé.

Comment faire un don
Premier, laissez nous savoir vous laisser disponible que vous êtes prêt à faire un don.

Si vous savez déjà que vous voulez faire un don à, vous pouvez télécharger le formulaire de don ici et la transformer pour tout délégué.

Autrement, nous vous tiendrons au courant lorsque les membres ont besoin de dons, et vous demander de remplir un formulaire de don pour chaque membre dans le besoin.

L'un de nos délégués syndicaux recueillera les formulaires pour chacun des membres qui en ont besoin et de les livrer à des relations de travail.

Les dons seront utilisés dans un cycle, 2 heures à la fois. Tout congé non utilisé sera retourné après les besoins du participant ont été respectées.

Comment demander un don
Il suffit de laisser tout steward savoir que vous avez besoin d'aide. Gesner Nazaire à Cesar Chavez est votre délégué en charge du congé catastrophique.

Vous devez répondre aux critères d'admissibilité:

  1. Impossible de travailler en raison de votre (ou est un membre de la famille immédiate) maladie ou blessure pendant au moins 30 journées
  2. Tous vos congés de maladie seront épuisées
  3. Vous avez la documentation de votre besoin médical *
  4. Vous êtes admissible à un congé de maladie accumulés
  • Nous respectons votre vie privée: vous n'avez pas besoin de nous dire, ou HR, la spécificité de votre état de santé. Nous avons seulement besoin “une déclaration signée par un médecin, dentiste, podologue, psychologue clinicienne ou praticien de la Science chrétienne des informations suffisantes pour certifier votre maladie”

Lisez tous les détails dans votre contrat