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What does it mean to be Temporary?

When you’re “Temporary Exempt”, you serve at the discretion of your hiring officer and are limited by City Charter 10.104 to 1040 hours per year. The district typically violates these requirements, but still refuses to grant due process rights to temporary workers. Temporary workers are eligible for FMLA and most benefits if they meet the minimum hours requirements.

What does it mean to be As-Needed?

As needed is just like temporary exempt, except you don’t have a regularly scheduled position in the budget. As-Needed workers receive 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, which is far less than regularly scheduled employees. As-Needed workers may qualify for health insurance coverage if they work an average of 20 hours a week in a calendar year (ignore summer break, spring break, winter break, and holidays when figuring this out). As-needed workers generally are prevented from accruing vacation days and do not receive floating holidays.

What does it mean to be Exempt?

An “exempt” worker is someone who was not hired through the civil service merit system that is required for all ongoing work of the city and school district. There are 18 reasons identified for hiring exempt workers, which are spelled out in City Charter 10.104. The district typically violates these requirements and hires workers exempt when a civil service process should be required, and the City generally fails to enforce their own rules. This is most egregious in the School Lunchroom Helper and Clerk/Typist classifications, where the majority of our workers were incorrectly hired as exempt workers.

What does it mean to be Provisional?

A provisional worker is a kind of temporary exempt worker who has a hiring preference when they pass a civil service test. Provisional workers may only be employed in a position for up to 3 years, though the district typically violates this provision. Otherwise they are just like temporary exempt workers.

What does it mean to be Permanent?

A permanent worker has property rights to her job, which means the district can’t fire you without going through a due process disciplinary procedure. A permanent civil service worker also accrues seniority for years of service, has access to all benefits after meeting minimum hours, and has bumping rights in case of a layoff.

There are also workers who are appointed permanent exempt, which is generally reserved for department heads and workers in professions that have licensing examinations like doctors and lawyers. A few dozen School Lunchroom Helpers are currently appointed permanent exempt in error, and there are special sections in the contract that provide them with access to some benefits. Permanent exempt workers, like provisional workers, are often limited by city charter to 3 years or less.